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Hello friends!

Saurfang Fan Club [H] is currently recruiting! We welcome all players to our family however we have an immediate need for our Core team the QT Piez. We are looking for one more raid members to fill out our 12 man roster. This is not a bench warming spot, we love to have a solid rotation for our comp in raids and are looking for a experienced and skilled players.

Raid Times:

Raid times are Tues, Weds, Thurs, and occasionally Monday from 9pm server -12pm server. We expect people on and early for invites by 8:50pm server. During progression we may run 30 minutes to an hour longer and may even begin raids sooner if people are on before 9pm server.

Current Needs:


Why we are Awesome:

We are competitive and motivated. We joke around and make fun of each other while maintaining a raid environment that is conducive to clearing new content at a competitive level. You should expect to have jokes made at your expense if you say something weird or make a silly mistake, and realize that this means we love you! If you can't take jokes SFC isn't the place for you. We are a fairly big guild with ample supplies of friends, family, casual and raiders of all styles from casual to competitive. Vent and guild chat is the happening place where most daily activities take place on the spot such as Dungeons, LFR, PVP, talking about life and solving all the world's issues.


We expect raiding experience from this current tier as well as previous tiers of Relevant content. All applicants should have a strong knowledge of their class and relevant theory crafting. It goes without saying you must have the correct gems, enchants, talents and any relevant glyphs for utility.

Applicants with the ability to play, learn and maintain the ability to be raid ready after applying will be given considerable consideration. Do not waste our time if you are a drama queen. Do not waste our time if you can't take jokes. Do not waste our time if you think you are entitled.

How to Apply:

Apply at our forums at www.sfcthrall.enjin.com

Please contact us in-game @ Battletag:

Phenelo#1716 (Co-GM) or Solara (GM) Solara#1530

Thank you for your time and good luck in your future Dragon slaying!
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02/27/2013 08:22 AMPosted by Thel

You talk too much.

Come! Be our haste monkey! I mean... be a valuable part of our team!
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Looking for a QT
Oh and a DPS DK.
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