ret paladins going to sht next patch

I haven't seen a problem in PVE spec (that's mainly what I do.) I've still got some good survivability, and last chance healz when I need it.

I usually pull around 120K at the start of a fight by popping everything I've got, then settle into around 70 or 75K by the end of it.

All in all, I don't think it's too bad.
At least we're getting something, unlike the last patch, where we got jack and !@#$.
Lemme stop you there. Ret is getting a 5% buff to damage with 2hs. I am more concerned with if it is going to be less frusterating to pvp with. Frusteration with any class is no good! I put my sub back on for this patch. for several raisins.
Yeah ppl are not reading patch notes before posted i guess. Im with the ppl that agree that ret will be very strong next patch. Im dropping my holy to go ret for pvp. Huge healing buffs, and AW at 2 mins, lol gg. Holy is the only pally spec even taking a nerf.
Battle fatigue still doesn't work on the PTR, don't expect the FoLs and WoGs to be that huge.
I put my sub back on for this patch. for several raisins.

Is it my amazing horse that you gave it a lick
Ret is already not terrible in terms of damage, you just get nuked incredibly easily by nearly every class, which will be partially solved by making our heals as effective as those of other hybrids. Avenging wrath is going to be castable very frequently anyways, I can't really not call that a buff.
Being loud and constructive is best, Blizzard is thick headed and needs to have things rammed down their throat to listen.

But it needs to be information, evidence, not whining.
I still want Inq to give me a ssj2 aura effect
02/27/2013 11:38 PMPosted by Thermadin
I still want Inq to give me a ssj2 aura effect

Only if Exorcism gets a Kamehameha animation.
there is nothing wrong with where ret paladins are at in the game right now, ive seen a lot of talk about lack of survival. maybe its due to lack of knowledge of the class ive never had a problem stay alive as ret and whats even more ridiculous is that ive crit healed 200k+ in ret many times before (with cd's up so dont say they need nurf) focus less on the nurfs and buffs that blizzard is doing to the class and pay more attention on how to make them work best for your play style and it will work out, blizzard puts a lot of time into setting the nurfs/buffs before just throwing them out there
02/27/2013 11:40 PMPosted by Grôgnárd
Only if Exorcism gets a Kamehameha animation.

I see damage buffs plus buffs to healing. Ret will be better next patch. For sure

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