What would your character do if

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What would your character do if they were suddenly thrown into our world?
Oh, that wouldn't end well. Media would likely crowd around the giant strange looking life-form known as a "draenei". Rysill would freak out from all the noise and attention.

{cue crazed death knight rampage}

Edit: Awesome name by the way -pibgorn ftw-
Mier would be very, very confused. She'd be looking around at all the strange people in their strange clothing, and try to find the nearest city guard..
You know the Black Plague? Yeah, picture that only with zombies.
This guy would... hoo, boy. Well, first of all, he's a WALKING FRIGGIN' CORPSE, so people will probably start freaking out, screaming about the zombie apocalypse, and he'll start laughing hysterically because he finds it hilarious when people have breakdowns. He would then try to find someone who's sane enough to tell him WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON, and when he did, he'd start laughing again until he realized they were serious. He'd then take out his potions and start flinging them at people because he can't cope and likes killing stuff, and then the military would come in, trying to stop the insane, near-indestructable corpse causing explosions everywhere. He'd try to reason with them, and when they start SHOOTING FRIGGIN' MISSILES AT HIM, he'd summon fireballs from the heavens and blow MORE stuff up.

Eventually, when everyone was dead, he'd start throwing together random elements and ingredients until he creates a concoction that either turns him into the supreme overlord of the world, or gets him back home... or both, if he's lucky.
I believe this guy would cause a massive 'splosion (CUZ 'SPLOSIONS ARE AWESOME) where he stands.
Realistically I'd imagine Ros would spend all of her time running around in fear and killing anyone who got too close; especially with the combination of panic induced by such a massive change, the bestial influences of worgenism, and the realization that she can't simply teleport home since magic doesn't exist here. I'd imagine she'd likely be shot by police or possibly some form of animal control due to her appearance and behavior. This is all, of course, assuming the location is populated by people. The situation might be slightly more calm in the wilderness, though I imagine the outcome would be more or less the same regardless. Perhaps she'd then be a feature in the latest documentary about lycanthropy.

For a less realistic response, she'd probably portal home if she didn't find this world interesting enough to investigate. I'd think of more extravagant answer but it's very late and my imagination is somewhat tapped atm.
First off, what the hell would our world think of us?
People would likely freak the heck out seeing a void-infused monster appear in their midst. Poor Enath here would be wondering what happened, and why people were running from him.


Be rejected as a concept character for a World of Warcraft commercial.

The world is cruel.
Be killed and dissected by the government.
Probably get thrown in captivity.
Probably enshrined somewhere in China.
Maybe pop up in a pub in Ireland and ask for a beer
If my mage would have come here then I'll be coming to Azeroth instead

but if Kim went here then World War Z will happen and I'll be the first of his minions.
Hide. Probably in a closet and cower. "captured by humans!?!"
Would open the classiest pub in town after just days
Be a model!! Seriously. The glowing eyes, great looking hair and you can't get any thinner than a blood elf.
Might have to pluck the eyebrows a little.


i don't even know

i'm a troll

what do you think?

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