Skill Changes! What Do I Do???

So in the new patch, Deadly calm will be removed from the game.
I use deadly calm very regularly in my rotation, obviously in conjunction with Heroic Strike.

Secondly, They are changing the glyph of Death from Above.

So with these particular changes,
I really need help knowing how to change my rotation so my consistently raid-worth
DPS doesn't go to hell.

Any suggestions, please?
The loss of deadly calm won't be a noticeable change in dps in the slightest.
Same with Leap.
Hamburgers' All-Inclusive Guide to Changing Your Rotation to Adapt to the Removal of Deadly Calm and the Change of the Death From Above Glyph:

1. Stop using Deadly Calm and Heroic Leap
Don't change anything based on those two changes. You'll still glyph Death From Above and use it every other CS, and, well, you'll still use HS to bleed off rage or to dump it during CS periods.

The Bloodsurge change does more to our rotation honestly.
Hmmm. Cool deal. I just talked to a player on Cho'gall named Unimagined and he just flat out told me that I have nothing to change or worry about as Fury for the new patch.

Thanks for the info, guys.

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