(H) <<Kharma>> Late Night 1/13H LFM Tank

Kharma is a laid back, late night raiding guild on the Zul'jin server. Our raid times are 11:00 PM server to 3:00 AM server (8:00 PM PST to 12:00 AM PST) Wednesday and Thursday with a two hour Monday run occasionally when we make especially good progress and feel a new kill is in reach.

We've reached 16/16 N in Tier 14 and our goal for Tier 15 is to finish all the normal modes (complete) and finish a strong number of heroic kills (working, need a solid tank before further progress can be made) before the next tier.

Our current recruitment needs are as follows:

Any tank, very much prefer non warrior

If you apply for these spots you will be raiding. We currently pug 1-2 a week and have been the entire expansion and would love not to pug if we don't have to.

You will need to have an ilvl that is 500+ (I can reach 515 with a non-raiding alt, so can you). Raiding experience outside of LFR is preferable, but if you feel you're a quick learner, and your attitude is right, we're willing to look at brand new raiders.

If you'd like to learn more about Kharma, add me to your battletag ID system, Korasu#1611 and feel free to whisper me. Also keep watching this space for further updates.
Still looking for that solid holy pally!!
Going strong in the paint!
Waka Rocka
Stuff and Things.
Bump Bump Bump

Could still use a quality hunter!
Your mom is a quality hunter
1/12 Normal lolz. Making it 2/12 tomorrow.
Jin'rokh Down!
Rescued from obscurity. Zul`jin definitely got more active in Mists.

Hoping to down Council and Tortos this week!
Widening the net. We really could use a solid 10th!
Oh ho ho
Good times with weapons
Korasu is an unintentional anagram for saurok...
Bump, updated for 3/12 and getting Tortos on Monday.
Tortos down! Need quality tank and healer for core team.
New kills new needs!

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