(H) <<Kharma>> Late Night 1/13H LFM Tank

Bump for needing more core raiders!
Still here, have beer, will clear
Megaera down. Still need people. Come join us.
Ji(n)-Kun down. Don't ask, or do and join our guild.
Sent you a request for real ID in game. Would like to talk to you.
To the top.!?><.
Needs more up
Late night bump for late night folks
Need either Prot Pally/Blood DK/BrM Monk or Priest/RSham/MW Monk.
My vote is for <Swag District>
Durumu down.
Durumu down and it's that time of the bump for Space.

Also we have pirates. Inquire within.
Two more bosses down. 9/12 now. K-Pickle!
Pubic bump
10/12 now

3 new kills one week
11/12 now

One shot twins... what a joke...
You're a nice lady
Are you guys still seeking a balance Druid? I have one up and coming here (almost 83) and I'm going to be looking to get into a late night guild. If I'm as lucky as I was gearing up my warrior, I should be ~495 or so within 2 weeks of LFR. I'll be 90 in time for this next weeks round of resets.

I have cleared raid finder in its entirety with this warrior and all I really need to do to get a fight down is to watch the Fatboss guides.

I don't plan on doing resto at all, however. My plan is to do Balance main and Guardian off.

Looking forward to hearing from you. You can reach me via this toon I'm posting from or on Svartko.

I'll add you when I get home as well.
12/12 now starting heroics next lock-out. #FLOCKA

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