(H) <<Kharma>> Late Night 1/13H LFM Tank

12/12 Down. Need a new tank. Prefer a Blood DK (only 2 vanq users in raid) or a prot pally.
Still need a tank!!! Gogogogo!!!
1/13H now we still need a Tank!!!
Still looking!
Still needing a tank
Would love to get a tank. Fun people, good times.
You're not my dad!
Looking for a solid dps. Will take somebody solid in any class but prefer someone a dps on the protector token to balance the group.
What classes are on the protector token? I have a Death Knight (521 - frost with 505ish blood OS)) Druid (519 resto with 510ish feral OS) a 518 Warlock (destro with a uh.. destro offspec lol) and a 515ish Holy Paladin with a 500ish Ret OS..

preferably i'd like to be on my druid or my dk they are the characters i have invested the most time and effort into, your late night raiding sounds like just the thing i might be able to do :D
back from vacation bump need tank and dps
Chaos Bump
bumping for guildies, still lacking that tank, great guild and great times!
Moar bumps, moar tanks please. Fun to be had.
YOLO SWAG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bumpers need a good tank yes yes

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