Incentive/Reward for re sub'ing?

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I know with the scroll of resurrection gives you a week free and a 80 boost, but I recall seeing incentive for something that gave you a free character transfer to a different realm?

I am trying to come back to play with a friend but I wan't to do it the smartest way. I don't mind starting a toon fresh and just using raf, but I'd sooner xfer my already 90 DK over.
The scroll of rez, if you qualify, includes both a boost to 80 and a free transfer (both for the same toon only) to the sender's realm.

To qualify, you must have had zero playable time from March 4th to now.
More information on the Scroll of Resurrection promotion can be found in the associated FAQ.

Looking at your account it doesn't appear that you qualify for that promotion, Ethalvanya, sorry. :(

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