Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats

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Cynical cats.
Rabbinical cats.
Because Jellicles are and Jellicles do.
Jellicles would and Jellicles could.
Jellicles would and Jellicles can.
Jellicles can and Jellicles do.
Are you blind when you're born? Can you see in the dark?
Can you look at a king? Would you sit on his throne?
Throne of Thundercats.
<- Opens the door.


<- Closes the door and backs away slowly.
Can you say of your bite that it's worse than your bark?
When you fall on your head, do you land on your feet?
Are you tense when you sense there's a storm in the air?
Can you find your way blind when you're lost on the street?
Do you know how to go to the heaviside layer?
Can you ride on a broomstick to places far distant?
Familiar with candle (you no take), with book, and with cowbell?
Were you Whittington's friend? The Pied Piper's assistant? Kel' Thuzads pet?
Have you been an alumnus of heaven or hell?

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