Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats

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Are you mean like a minx or lean like a lynx?
Are you keen to be seen when you're smelling a Stormwind rat?
Were you there when the pharaohs commissioned the Sphinx?
You'll find me wherever the action is!
If you were and you are you're a Jellicle cat!
Can you sing at the same time in more than one key?
Duets by Rossini and waltzes by Strauss?
And can you (as cats do) being with a C?
That always triumphantly brings down the house?
Jellicle cats are Queens of the night.
Singing at astronomical heights.
Handling pieces from the Messiah. Hallelujah angelic choir.
The mystical divinity of unashamed felinity.
Round the cathedral rang Vivat.
Life to the everlasting cat!
*Suddenly appeared a wild cat in the hat*
Feline, fearless, faithful and true.
To others who do what Jellicles can and Jellices do.
Jellicle cats sing Jellicle chants.
Jellicles old and Jellicles new. Jellicles bold and Jellices blue.

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