What would make monks (almost) perfect for u?

Not to get technical like "increase range or this" or "increase damage by this".

First, I'd say add a much better finisher then Touch of Death. It was a cool idea but I feel it doesn't work and there's not much you can do about it besides a complete revamp of the spell. Used in raids just to try to make your dps jump a little. Pvp just unreliable and clunky.

Second, I'd say get rid of at least one of the lvl 90 talents and add harder choices. At least from a WW perspective. Xuen is cool I guess, just wish it wasn't such an obvious pick. Chi torpedo could almost be a glyph for roll....I mean would that be too op for a glyph? Just BrM and WW are stuck very little choices on tier 90 talents.

BrM- RJW-cool you get shuffle (cost the same as BoK) and increased aoe damage. That's alright just leaves nothing for single target tanking, which you will be doing most of the time in a raid. If anything BrM needs better aoe damage mitigation, not actual damage. Visual is boring.

WW- gotta choose Xuen. Cool visual just not my thing, feels very Shammy-ish like spirit wolves.

MW-Not too familiar with the spec but I've seen all three choices being picked.

Maybe add something that a BrM or WW might pick. "WW-if target is below ??% your jab does this, BrM- if your health is below ??% your jab does this" is a thought.
It is already a perfect class for me. I love my monk. This why I have switched to this as my main now. Xuen is pretty awesome looking even tho his AI could use some work I like him. And on MW I would mostly use Chi Torpedo but I don't do very much MW due to WW delivering majorly on the fun factor.
Brewmaster - Remove the chi cost from Breath of Fire and put it on an 8 to 16 sec CD, possibly as a glyph. That way you can use it earlier in a fight, when you need the disorient, and you cannot justify the chi cost because you need to get/keep shuffle up. Would also force low level monks to use BOK as part of their rotation, and make it easier to use at lower gear levels. Again, glyph would be the best option, so people who don't want it wouldn't be forced to use it.

Whirlwind - Pie in the sky, add a true combo system, such that when you use an ability it grants a temporary buff. Kind of like Muscle Memory. Each ability provides its own buff, stacking up to two times. Example could be that BOK causes the next attack to deal extra damage over time. TP provides extra armor penetration, etc. Make it a thinking game.

Mistweaver - Fix the mana issues. It's never fun running out of mana on any class, least of all a healer.
Wind Walkers are already awesome it's hard for me to say. I've leveled many toons but Monk has easily been the most intriguing. For PVP I do wish our snare was more passive rather than a warrior like hamstring. It would make up for the fact rolls can't auto find their target in pvp.
Just give us a glyph to make Spinning Crane Kick slowfall.
I love the class. There isn't much from a windwalker perspective, I really think they've gotten it right. Maybe some extra defense in pvp (I hear they're a bit weak there defensively) but other then that they're good.

As for brewmasters, I think they have just a little too many active mitigation skills to cycle through. It's just a slight annoyance and I do like the spec as is, but sometimes it just seems like a lot to try and maintain. Also, maybe elusive brew could be changed from procing on crit to something else to make it more reliable? I find I usually get stacks pretty fast, but soemtimes because of the randomness of crit I can go a long while without anything.

As for mistweavers I haven't played the spec much, but it almost seems to me like the spec is designed around healing in melee range and doing melee damage along with healing. For me this sounds fun on paper, but when I heal I just want to stand back and heal, and when I've done this the little I have it has seemed like monks have some issues with mana. I could be wrong here because my experience is limited. But yeah based on this I'd just improve the chi generation of ranged healing a bit maybe.
Feign Death ;P
02/21/2013 06:49 PMPosted by Cybsledsama
Feign Death ;P

Old EQ monk, per chance? (Was my class of choice, personally.)
Xuen baseline, new level 90 talent that goes along with the AOE damage/healing theme from Chi Torpedo/Rushing Jade Wind.

Fists of Fury channel while moving and adjusted to a point where it feels more like a spec defining ability and not something that's barely a DPS increase and only then if you make all the right choices about it. I don't dislike that FoF requires some skill to use at the correct time; to the contrary, that's my favorite part of the ability. I just wish that A) There was more of a reward for that sort of good play, and B) That there weren't situations like Bloodlust where Fists of Fury just is totally neglected because using it would be a DPS loss. It's our defining* cooldown, it feels weird to eschew it in our highest damage phase.

Those are my two big things.

*Whether or not FoF is a spec-defining ability is up to debate. :P
Being able to go to tank stance as WW to ease pressure and let me tank the end BG bosses ffs.
Brewmaster I have a few.

1)Breath of Fire become a COOLDOWN rather than a chi eater. As of right now its not really used outside of a few situations for the daze glyph effect due to shuffles unforgiving grip on your rotation.

2)The Ox statue to be useful to the Brewmaster in some manner. Maybe as simple as a proc that lets you do a free Blackout kick or Breath of Fire or even a charge of elusive brew.

A few for fun ones would be for Touch of Death's glyph effect to be baseline and maybe the new glyph effect to be "Does damage equal to the monks total HP after 10 seconds. Does not work on players." So that it can be used from the get go.
More non-ninja, non-druid leather pieces for transmog. I want to be able to produce more street fighter transmogs.
02/21/2013 10:10 PMPosted by Lightning
Feign Death ;P

Old EQ monk, per chance? (Was my class of choice, personally.)

Yup ;)
Give us a reaction-based AoE heal that doesn't take forever to set up.
Fist weapons to be considered fist attacks so I can see them while I punch people.
As a brew I would like shuffle to last longer per bok. As it is now if you time it wrong and eat a fear or stun its lights your going down in a raid.

As a ww I would like burst options in pvp. As it stands right now for competitive pvp I feel like a vanilla pally or Druid teams keep asking me to respec heals cause dps monks cant kill targets.

As a Pve ww I want touch of death to be usable at 20% like all other burn phase executes.
As a WW Monk,

-Make Fist of Fury usable on the move, it's annoying in PvP when the Target is able to move
away out of its range, and you stand there like an idiot!

-Defensive stance for more survivability!


Gives us a Dragonball-esque charged fireball attack. One that blows up mountains and can initiate epileptic seizures.
I would have to say cleave.

Hopefully I like SEF, but I'm worried it might be annoying to use. I'm thinking on a fight like the first fight in MSV it would be a pain to micromanage it to maintain one clone hitting the right target. Or on Wind Lord it would be a pain to summon them for the adds and then recall them for recklessness and then bring them out again then back again then out again then back again.

I wish the ability were off the GCD. I think it taking a GCD is going to piss the hell out of me.

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