Nemesis recruiting ranged and heals.

About us:
We're the guild Nemesis from the Baelgun server. We raid Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7-10pm PST. We were founded at the end of BC and started as a 25 man raiding guild at the start of Wrath. We're a semi-hardcore guild, we only raid 9 hours a week and try to maximize fun while being serious when we need to be. Currently we are 6/16 heroic. During cata, we were 7/7hm Firelands, and 8/8 heroic DS.

Our current loot system is a loot council. Our loot council consists of 2 officers, and 3 raiders. The goal of the loot council is to give the gear to the people that will help benefit the raid most.

What we provide:
Other than a stable raid group, we currently provide feasts for most farm pulls and some early progression pulls. When we're close to kills we expect raiders to have and use their 300 stat food. We also provide potions and repairs to our raiders. With the removal of cauldrons we no longer provide flasks at this time, but we might bring them back in the future.

What we are looking for:
Feral Druid
Ele shaman
Possible mages.

Resto Druid

How to apply:
You can either add myself on battle tag at Sil#1545, or visit our website

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