"Late Night" Vae Victae Horde Zul'jin

Vae Victae (H) Zul'jin

Raid Times

Tues, Wens, Thurs: 10:15-1am CST (11:15-2am Server Time EST)

DPS (DK, Warrior, Rogue, or Ranged DPS)
Healer (Monk, Druid, or Shaman)

16/16 N
Working on Heroics

Recruitment Contact

Officers: Thehrmit, Greymist, Iceis, Jezable
Recruitment: Griffus jsumner#1686 phone#:314-882-9445
website: www.vaevictae.com
to app beyond contacting e-mail app@vaevictae.com
Contact in game or out of game Before 4am cst
Contact azazal as well on contact list as that's my alt
applications if an officer is not on should go to e-mail apps@vaevictae.com <----- format for apps is at www.vaevictae.com
Put in an app and sent id request.
Hello to you Good People. Hope all is well on the Horde side for ya! Good Luck to You all. :)

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