Getting stuck on loading screen.

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Hi all, my characters keep getting stuck on loading screen while I try to do heroics. I said heroics because it only happened to me when doing heroic dungeons. LFR, PVP, normal dungeons are all fine. The loading bar will be stuck on full until I get disconnected and when I try to relog on to that character, the bar will stop at three quarters.
I have tried reseting my interface and even reinstall wow but same problems still exist. Please assist.
How long does it take for you to be able to log back into the affected character(s)? When you removed your interface folder, did you reinstall any addons? Did you reinstall addons when you reinstalled WoW as well?
this has happened to me recently, i started the game less than a month ago. i tried queing for a dungeon the load bar came up, like usual, then stopped at 90% . after about a minute it would boot me to the title screen saying "disconnected from server".. i then attempted to play on another character... a load bar would appear, like usual, but it would stop at 90% then the same thing would happen, it would be kicked back to the title screen with it stating "disconnected from server" i waited for a good hour or so to try again. When i logged back in to choose a character, the load bar would appear like usual, but the same thing would happen and i end up back to the title with "Disconnected from server"...

So far i like this game, i have a lvl 54 panda monk that i love to run around on, in game. When problems like this arise, i think to myself "is the subscription worth this hassle...?"
I am having a very similar issue. I received my dungeon finder queue and accepted it. The game went to the loading screen and stops at around 85% and after about a minute I get disconnected. I have attempted to log in to this character at least a dozen times since the first time it happened and can not successfully log in. After 10+ hours it is still occurring. No other characters are having problems logging in, just this one.
I am having the same issue. I was just loading out of a BG and it got to about 85% as well, then got stuck and disconnected me. I tried other characters and I am still getting the same issue. Getting very annoying.
I am also having the same issue. Exactly the same, 85% then stuck and disconnected.

Have tried with 2 different accounts and see the same issue
This is happening to me right now also, not sure what's going on. I'm going to disable my addons and try that next, but at least I know it's not just me.
I'm having the same issues trying to log on any of my toons. At around 90%, the bar freezes. I am going to go out on a limb and say Blizz is having issues atm. Sucks cause been busy all day and wanted to get into some pvp action but bleh.
Nope, still can't get in...

Really just posting this second one so more people see it, hopefully it will catch someone's eye and they can fix it, cause at this point I don't think it's anything on our end.

I love you Blizz, but why you gotta do this to me? I thought you were cool... </3
Same issue for me. Gets to about 90% but then crashes on any server or character.
working fine now. Must have been something on Blizzard's side.
I am glad I checked the forums before I did a reinstall of the client and waste my time reconfiguring my addons...

Having the same problem. Running the 64 bit client, can't get past the login screen - stuck at about 90% like everyone else. Thing is, I was able to play just fine about an hour ago and took a break, now I can't get on. Very frustrating. I'm wondering if it's just Mac users or all users.
same issue here.
I keep getting stuck on the loading screen, gets stuck around 90% in after i select a character. Doesn't matter which toon i pick they are all getting stuck, wonder if its the world server or something?
what is going on ....? like i'm so frustrated with this loading screen issue ... my server just had a restart and its still doing it !
same im only 85% in then it disconnects me and i cant log on any other players.
I logged out to switch toons then logged back in and am stuck again. So whatever fixed it for me didn't matter because it's messed up again.
Same issue here. Except once in the last ~10 minutes I was able to get past the loading screen and back into my Scenario group - except the other two people showed up as Unknown and I could not see any chat from them or myself and my friends list was completely blank.

I managed to finish the Scenario though and went to leave it, got stuck on the loading screen again.

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