[A] <Nine Twenty Nine> Is Recruiting!

Bleeding Hollow
Hello everyone! Thanks in advance for reading this post!

Please post an application in our Applications forum on the guild website if you are interested in joining.

Guild Website: http://www.929guild.com

Guild Background/Info:

<Nine Twenty Nine> is an Alliance-aligned World of Warcraft guild on the Bleeding Hollow (US) server. I formed the guild on 2/5/13. After joining many level 25 guilds looking for a home, it was decided that all guilds are just made up of people that are just in guilds for the perks.

Therefore, I decided to climb uphill to create a new guild that would be built the way I think a guild should be built, which is essentially the way guilds functioned before the guild leveling system was implemented. Since the leveling system was implemented, the mentality has been "what can my guild do for me"? We believe there should be an equal exchange between the player and their guildmates, not just take take take. This is the foundation of <Nine Twenty Nine>.

There are a lot of exciting things happening in the guild as we grow. We are now level 25. On top raiding twice a week, we frequently participate in guild events, mostly runs of old raids for legendaries, meta/guild achievements, transmog, etc. We are also appointing PvP officers to begin coordinating guild RBG's, arenas and other PvP events. We always have a good time during these runs and invite you to join in on the fun!

<Nine Twenty Nine> is currently looking for the following classes to round-out our ToT10 casual 10 man raid group, which is currently 1/12 after 1 week of raiding ToT!

  • Monk, Druid or Priest Healer

((We are also always recruiting any players, any level, that are looking to be in a fun guild where people actually interact, instead of just leeching off of guild perks))

This group raids Wed/Thurs from 8pm-11:30pm EST.

When a raid group starts up, we treat all Pandaria raids as new content, which means that no prior boss/strategy knowledge is required to join. However, we do require that all raiders be ready to go when the time comes, which includes watching strategy videos, achieving 480 item level, gemming, enchanting, bringing food/flasks, etc. Progression will be a process, and I ask that all raiders be patient with the process. Please check the guild website (http://www.929guild.com) for all relevant raiding information (including an explanation of EPGP, the loot distribution system that will be used).
bump it up.

also, recruiting guilds for the HAx929 alliance. whisper me or orion in-game for info on that.
Hi there! I have resto shaman and a spriest who need a guild to raid with. The shaman is my main but he's currently on the aerie peak server. I would like to transfer him but would like to find a good home first. Will try and whisper you in game.
Sounds good! If I'm not on Braiss, I'll be on my alt (either Orvar or Amaele). Hit me up if you see me. Also RealID = Robbiejandro#1716
Great group of players!
Thanks dude. Bumping it up! Still need heals/tanks for PvE...and also recruiting people who enjoy PvP (world or otherwise). If you don't join us, join HAx10.
bump...still looking for 2 healers and the rdps listed above - we start raiding tuesday (if the patch allows).
If you enjoy pushing progression with experienced and savvy players, join <Nine Twenty Nine>!
thanks Orion.

Sunday bump
5.2 is upon us! Some pretty awesome new content is going live in the AM. Make sure to contact Braiss for a potential /ginvite!

HAx929 #1
bumping it up.

Recruiting folks for a second raid group - accepting all classes for that.

Always accepting all good folks, any level any class!
Posting my application to your website
thanks man. i responded. whisper me in-game!
Posted my app to your website. No response yet! D:
Bumping it up and headed to the guild site for any apps remember to post all apps @ 929guild.com
bump it up!!!!

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