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I haven't noticed any lockboxes dropping while I was in a dungeon, but Mr. Teapray and I had one drop the other day while we were grouping. I know it is just a matter of time before they start showing up for me as I use the Dungeon Finder.

Poking around in the General forum, I sometimes see rants about peole who roll need on them, and counter rants about people who roll greed. There seems to be strong feelings about this issue.

How important is the loot that typically comes from a lockbox? What should I be rolling as when one happens to drop? I'm more interested in focusing on my healing in a group than creating/listening to drama.
Lockboxes usually contain a bit of gold and a green item. They really aren't worth much.

Most people will roll greed on them, because they give no specific benefit to anyone and aren't worth that much.
There's a chance for a random green item and money. That's usually it. Just go greed, or pass if you have no way to open it easily. I find I accumulate a lot of them because I have no high level rogues or other way of opening them (blacksmith keys, etc.). xD Then I suck it up and pay some random rogue to open them all at once.

I suppose like any world drop, there's a chance you might find something nice in a lockbox... I found an Orb of Deception in one once. But it's pretty darn rare, so don't get your hopes up. xD
Thanks for the replies. They really don't seem to be worth getting all that worked up about then. Good to know.

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