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I have a question about pet battle stones, I have noticed that they can drop from the pet battle daily quest bags but I have also received them randomly after completing a pet battle while only using one pet. I was wondering what dictates the type of battle stone? because I have only received aquatic stones while using an eternal strider against a team of all aquatic opponents.
Battle stones from the tamer daily quests are random.

From wild pet battles, the type of battle stone is the same as the lead wild pet (i.e. an eternal strider will always drop an aquatic stone). Wild pets, however, also have a chance to drop a BoE stone that is not family-specific.
To elaborate on the original question...

I'm curious about how the probabilities work with wild pet stone drops. Supposedly the level of your pets vs the enemy team matters. But I figured I'd ask if anyone knows with some certainty how it works.

I figure maybe if you had a level 25 and two level 1s on your team, and soloed some level 20ish team that you'd have a high chance. But what if you don't actually use them?

It's also possible it's based on the maximum level of your highest pet used. like if you had a 25 and two level 1s that it'd count your team as level 25.

I'm just wondering what your optimal setup would be for maximizing your probability of getting a battle stone to drop from a wild pet battle.
Drop chance is based solely on the level of the pets that you're fighting: level 25 pets have the highest chance to drop a stone, level 1's the lowest.

Your pets' levels are irrelevant.
After a month of not getting a single one no matter where in the world i fought, even fighting level 25 mobs to increase the chances, I am seriously "Meh" about pet battles.
Do you ever do the Grand Master or Pandaren Spirit daily quests? Those are your best bet for getting Battle-Stones. I do around 7+ of the daily quests each day and probably get 1-3 stones a day. It's very rare that I don't get any.

As for in the wild I've not found too many either, a few aquatic stones from Townlong. Never a BoE stone.

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