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Moon Guard
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Tick tock.

Tick tock.

The clock counted as seconds became minutes, the silence stretched thin between them. There was a palpable tension to the air, as if time itself held its breath. And perhaps it did.

“You do realize what this means?”

Shazia sighed softly as the silence was broken; it was a man’s voice that spoke, a sibilant hiss that no human tongue could hope to impersonate. It was an unsettling sound, as was the man himself. Shazia dropped her gaze to avoid looking at him, and frowned as she noticed her hands trembling around the teacup. Don’t be a fool, she growled to herself. Pointedly setting aside the cup, she gripped her skirts instead and forced a reply between clenched teeth.

“Yes, Great Lord, but I did – “

“You did nothing.” Shazia flinched despite herself as he cut her off, waving a hand lazily in the air behind him. The doors swung open and in came two dark-robed servants, bearing a large chest between them. He motioned once more and they hastened to lay the chest on the floor at his feet, bowing once before retreating silently from the room. The doors swung shut unaided behind them.

“Do you know what this is?” he asked softly.

Wetting her lips nervously, she glanced at the chest. “No, Great Lord.”

“It is your salvation.”

Heart pounding, she twisted her skirts convulsively. Was she hearing right?

“Yes,” the man continued. There was amusement in his voice now, as though he heard her thoughts, felt every anxious flutter of her heart. “Our knowledge is fractured, lost to time and secrecy. It is time we put an end to it.”

“You aren’t… I’m not to be punished?” she asked. It was too much to hope for, and yet… Glancing at the chest again, she wet her lips fervently. Salvation, he had said. Surely he meant to forgive her?

The man chuckled softly; a sinisterly sound that sent a chill of fear tingling down her spine. “You failed me, Shazia, and that cannot go unpunished – but you have been offered a second chance, a last chance to prove your worthiness.”

Swallowing the rising bile in her throat, Shazia bowed her head, partly in respect and partly in fear, to hide the expression of horror that must be apparent on her face. “Yes, Great Lord,” she whispered again. “I hear and obey.”

A shuffling of cloth indicated him leaning forward in the chair, gloved hands folded over the rounded armrests. His voice was intense, driven by a heated passion, a hunger that could never be satisfied.

“Then obey me, and do not fail again.” He indicated the chest. “You will take this to our laboratory and…”

The words that followed spread quickly like wildfire in summertime, setting tongues alight with rumours of the most atrocious kind. The tales were surely derived from nightmares; for there was no way that anyone could fall so far from the Light as to commit such heinous acts. Yet as the rumours spread, so too did the evidence that began to convince people about the truth of those rumours.

“Heard it from me own brother, I did…”

“And he heard it from his mother’s friend’s husband…”

“He was taken in the night. No warnin’ or nothin’ at all…”

“Her babe was stolen from its crib, bless the poor child.”

“Three years old, the little lad… Ain’t done harm to no one.”

“They woke the next morning and she was gone. Poof, just like that!”

“They found ‘em out in the forest, their bodies torn to pieces, half-eaten by wolves.”

“You see any strange lights at night recently? Could’a sworn I… Ah, who am I kiddin’. Must be losing my mind.”

“There’s something big gonna happen. All these people disappearing, turning up dead? And those lights in the sky... Light help us, it’s them Damned come back.”

I’ll keep this short and sweet: A major RP storyline is about to start up, and we’re inviting you all to participate. How fun! This is a culmination of about four months’ roleplay that has led up to this point. Can’t give away any major details, but if you’d like to be villain, victim, or hero, just drop me a line in-game (Shazia). There are others involved, but they’ll remain anonymous ‘till they announce things for themselves.

This story is not guaranteed to be all age-friendly, so consider yourself warned. XD
The first of many.

Current Death Toll: 9

The afternoon was a warm and lazy one, the city creeping at a slow crawl as folk went about their chores and tasks for the day. It seemed as though today would pass as a peaceful one, abnormal from the usual bustle and hustle of the city.

And clearly, it was too much to hope for as sudden bells rang out through the Cathedral district, harolding a danger to the city and its denizens. The slow crawl became an anxious scattering of individuals as mothers and wives collected their children and men, hustling them to the relative safety of indoors.

The Cathedral became the center of activity as a sudden influx of sick individuals crowded its vast halls, all crying of fever and chills.

They all showed signs of similar symptoms:
-Fever, chills
-Nausea, vomiting
-Shallow breathing, rapid pulse

The disease appears resistant to magic-based healing and is thought to be highly contagious, through physical contact and airborne agents.

Symptoms disappear within a few hours, though the patient surely feels as though they lay on their deathbed.

((Want to get involved? There's just one simple rule: Infect at least one other person who comes into contact with your character.))
Infected two so far! ;_;

Poor kind souls just wanted to help a sick ol' Panda...
Haha. Right on!

EDIT: http://tinyurl.com/DoDPlague is the simple link to this thread, for infected individuals to pass on to others.

For those interested involving themselves as Champions of Stormwind, please contact Arhious. He will be director of protagonists.

For all those who want to take on a more villainous role in the production of this, please see me! :D

EDIT: And, naturally, those that want to stay on top of the news and discuss the event are welcome to join /DoDchat.
First Stage - Preliminary Tests

"You have done well... Apothecary Xal'hara."

Title and name fully restored, Shazia flushed in pleasure.

There was murmuring among those gathered in attendance, but she pointedly ignored them, her eyes fixed on the Great Lord himself. He was here in the flesh, a thing not done in all the years she had willingly served him. A surprisingly unremarkable man; bold features, a strong chin. Lanky brown hair hung to his hair in tousled waves. For all his appearance, he did not seem a man to inspire fear-wrought loyalty in others.

But those eyes. They could pierce one's soul with a single glance, read every thought, feel every emotion. An intense stare was fixed on Shazia now as she abased herself at his feet.

"Commencement of the first stage has begun, Great Lord," Shazia murmured. "The results are satisfying so far, though I hope -- with your permission -- to refine it in second and third phase."

His gaze drifted free of her to wander around the room, landing on each individual gathered. "And the Hand?"

"They are no trouble, Great Lord."

"Very well. Continue with the experiments." He paused for a moment, body stiffening. She dared to raise her head, enough to peer at him through her lashes. His face... It was creased with concern, and when he finally settled his gaze back on her, Shazia felt another flush of emotion: fear.

"They are searching the graveyard," he hissed. To those gathered, he growled: "Gather what you can. Quickly! We move out."

The woman abased herself further at his feet, cringing inwardy. How? "Great Lord, I --"

"Continue your experiments," he intoned. "I expect improvements to be made within a week."

As Disciples were sent scattering in a mad rush for items, Shazia remained in her kneeling position, too relieved to move, too scared to dare. He isn't angry, she thought in awe and wonder. Had he, perhaps, expected this? But no... That look on his face. Frowning, licking parched lips, she lifted her head to him -- and blinked.

He was gone.

Glancing around, she saw the remaining few Disciples were quickly disappearing themselves, exiting through holes worn into the decrepit, moss-covered walls of the crematorium.

Very well, Great Lord. The experiments will continue.
"How exquisitely... fascinating. "
[ An Update - ooc ]

The party that advanced to the Raven Hill Crypts has come across plague cannisters, a discarded slipper. A toenail and a plagued little girl curled up with a burnt teddy bear. They are currently in progress of finding more things.
[Another update - ooc]

With help Julie has begun the scrying process. She has turned an epidemic sample into a reagent for divination. Her attempt to locate the source or origin point of the illness will occur within the hour - unless something goes wrong.
[ Yet another update - OOC ]

The party desceded into the labratory in which they found several living expieriements. And a pregnant woman slung up on chains, A half done cessarian on her pregnant belly. Miraed was coherent enough to admit that the child was the bastard of one of the presumed attackers. The party managed to save the living child, however did not save the mother. She died on a table after naming the saved child Samuel.


They took a tunnel into the ruins. There were several plague canisters crushed as the tunnel collapsed. The group entered a large chamber, and when sweeping for traps summoned shades from the ruins. The shades were vanquished with effort. One phrase was heard. " The dark lord is displeased. " A paladin escaped with the baby.


They managed to take a blue tome entitled " Dictionary " from a dais. However, this caused an entire chamber to erupt in undead! There was a larger monster unseen down the tunnel when a druid caused it to collapse. Burying the rest.
[Yup, another update - OOC]

After having her life threatened at blade point Julie digested the warning her assailant gave. A foreboding sense loomed in her mind as she paraphrased the woman’s words to her temporary protector, the rogue Apalo, “She said…that our efforts aid their cause…..”

With no other obstacles in her way she began the scrying process, high atop the Tower of Azora. The blue eye fixed upon a grim scene. It revealed what appeared to be cultists collected about a ghastly green bubbling cauldron. A caged man with nothing but a disturbing grin and dirt smears for modesty.

Later in the scrying it was revealed that there were hints of frost on the decayed grass, this led Julie to believe the location was somewhere in Northrend. Her guess was supported by Apalo. There aren’t many known felled ziggurats in the Plaguelands.

The information was quickly relayed.
"You sniveling worm!"

"She is sorry, Mistress, she is sorry!"

"Sorry? You're sorry? Do you have ANY idea what you've done?"

"N-No, Mistress."

"Of course not."

The contempt in her voice made Sheyara squirm uncomfortably. She dared lift her head as her mistress turned away.

"I freed you, Sheyara," the woman went on in much calmer tones, sanity restored quickly as that, "I protected you. And all I asked was for your loyalty, your obedience." She ran a hand through her hair, long golden locks that Sheyara often admired from afar, wrought by jealousy of something she could never have. Never again.

"Mistress," Sheyara pleaded, "there were too many to stop. The Dark Master told us to retreat --"

"I know that," the woman cut in viciously. "I was there, you idiot! But that doesn't excuse you of your cowardice. You were to remain behind, ensure that the traps were all properly set." She turned on Sheyara, bearing down on her with a glare that made the Knight's blood thicken with terror. "They escaped. Unharmed."

"They came quicker than expected, Mistress -- "

"I don't," the woman cut in, a hand lifting, "want to hear excuses. They did come quicker than anticipated, and I hold only myself responsible... But it's just as well." She paused, and Sheyara waited in silence. "We will adapt."

"What would you have me do, Mistress?"

"Our laboratory is destroyed, but there were some things salvaged. Enough that we will rebuild. Collect our things, move out to Waste."

The woman turned away once more and Sheyara, knowing a dismissal when she heard one, rose to depart. A new lab would be prepared; the experiments would continue. It was an effort not to laugh. The Plague was just the beginning, the Knight realized. The real terror had yet to come.
[OOC Updates, whoo~]

Apalo, with the help of Julianne, is now sending scouting parties all over Northrend scourge encampments as well as forsaken horde outposts to look for anything along the lines of the plague.

He has also, with a sample of the blood and bile of a dead infected, identified the Forsaken Plague and mix of herbs within the plague, and has begun research into possible cures, though non-magical, as it seems the contagion is immune to magic.

He has also sent a letter to Latos as of Arhious's request for the boon one they mobilize.
The recent release of chemical plague gave Arhious an incentive to meditate on what he had gathered, and what was to come.

Having explored the Raven Hill crypt with his allies, he learned that the plague is a greater threat than he had anticipated. Something just as deadly as the Wrathgate was upon the people of the kingdom; perhaps there was more potential death than what he had seen, and what he had anticipated. The small girl he held in his arms, whom he watched waste away under the influence of the plague gave him a reason to vow the death of whomever was responsible for the murder of so many innocents.

Divination via a magistrix, Julianne Ward, had revealed two possible locations where he could exact his revenge. Zul'Drak, or the Borean Tundra. Either way, he thought, he was going to Northrend. What calculations he had briefly thought over made him think of a connection between the culprit and the Hand of Vengeance; both used the same chemicals, same methods, and same evil to make the corpses of their victims melt.

The Draenei who had escaped arrest at the hands of the Office of Inquiry had the pity of the Reformist Archprelate. She would have a price to pay when her day of judgement finally came, he repeated to himself. The threat she posed to his very own wife was something unforgivable. There was no stopping him now. The puzzle was nearly complete, and now he simply had to strike. But where?
Hmm I like this, also I couldn't find a shadow priest for ya, Shazia. I asked all I knew, but no takers maybe you'll have better luck than I.
No worries, Hank. =) Thanks for trying!
Alchemists, unite!

I've currently got a few samples that Ed's going to be analyzing. If anyone wants to help just drop me a letter or tell and we'll get something worked out.

May also keep in contact with you, Shazia, to see if he can actually do anything or CATCHES THE PLAGUE HIMSELF!
The chaos of the day dwindled down to but a tolerable buzz as the sun sank low to the west and the people of Stormwind City readied themselves for sleep. Throughout the evening and night, and long into the wee hours of morning, the ill still made their way into the Cathedral for assistance.

Somewhere distant in the city, bells rang. Nine sonorous peals that marked the death toll for this day.

And it was only the beginning.
Alchemists, unite!

I've currently got a few samples that Ed's going to be analyzing. If anyone wants to help just drop me a letter or tell and we'll get something worked out.

May also keep in contact with you, Shazia, to see if he can actually do anything or CATCHES THE PLAGUE HIMSELF!

Absolutely, Ed! Drop me a line in-game.
The Draenei stared silently ahead as she flew through the chilly air of Northrend on her Ebon Grpyhon, the evening's events at the forefront of her mind. The city must have indeed been on high alert, as when she offered to give the "last remaining chocolates from the Crown Chemical Company" to those around the Cathedral Square, the majority of people she saw were wearing masks and she quickly became surrounded. Many accusations were sent her way and some ordered her to be detained, but then she was supported by the naive and unknowing, creating an arguement that gave her enough time to go through with her plan and gave her a chance of escape. Glancing towards the Cathedral stairs were a few Dwarves standing around, and that is who she walked towards as she reached into her satchel, pulling out a box of "chocolates" with a white ribbon on it. She opened the box and quickly threw it on the ground at their feet, gas quickly pouring out into the surrounding area as she then ran away, a couple of people in the crowd chasing after her, only to lose her in the Mage Quarter.

She dived into a portal to the Blasted Lands before hiding in a crater incase any followed her, and a Dwarf in plate armor managed to do so. There was a scuffle when she confronted him before the other cultists arrived, but perhaps she had taken too long in detaining him as a shockwave of pain was sent into her mind from her superior. The Dwarf was taken to a necropolis in Northrend, where his belongings were burned and he was placed into a cage. Before she was sent on her way, her superior crushed a vial full of a green substance in front of her face, before the odorous gas cloud surrounded her, effectively infecting her. She was then told to return the next day, and the Draenei left on her Gryphon.

It seemed she was in deep now, and it was far too late for her to back out. Dressed as a civilian when she was around the Cathedral, her identity was seen by many, and if she didn't change her appearance when out in the open then many would be able to identify her. Not only that, but she was infected now herself, and if she wanted to stay alive she would have to do as told in order to live. In order to save her strength for another time, the Death Knight made her way towards one of her hideouts to rest there for the night. She would have to do her best not to further anger those she worked for.

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