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Moon Guard
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Might I include my interests in building a cure?
The Mages of the Kirin Tor will fight this infection as we have in the past!

You'd think after the Third War, the Alliance would actually pay attention to Kirin Tor quarantine protocols.

In Short, we'll be working on a cure, vaccination, suppresser, anything to impede it's progress.
So far the healers at the St. Bridenbrad Clinic are using charcoal solution to induce vomiting, apparently this helps to purge the poison from the system.

The ingestion of edible clay was also suggested, to absorb any excess residue and help it pass through the system.

Other reports of odd potions have been bandied about, but we have not yet tried them.

Also, the Clinic has moved to the Orphanage (the Orphans have been temporarily re-located) so if you are sick, please come to the Orphanage for triage and treatment.

Thank you!
Feleina Naylor, St. Bridenbrad Medical Clinic.
Rama discovered three scrolls, which he shared the contents of to a small group of individuals, after exploring the Catacombs near Raven Hill Cemetery. He has also discovered that drinks containing Moonwell water, such as the beverage "Moonglow", help to suppress the infection only during its beginning stages, allowing the plague to be expelled from the body.

He has come to the conclusion that a female warlock may be involved in the creation of plague and has alerted several Alliance organizations on this theory. Time will tell if he is correct.

The case continues for the Kaldorei detective, as he hopes to end the madness gripping his assigned city..
[[ Great storyline and initiative. I'm loving it so far. More please. ]]

During the recent perusing of crypts that were too long for comfort, the small band of temporary allies came upon few answers and many questions. One of which being a blue book with the title, "Dictionary" that was found and remains in the possession of Serenity.

It is of little use though, as the Confessor has fallen to the plague and eventually liquidation. Her only options of survival resting in a small vial of unknown substances or death. Despite being on death's doorstep, she prays for the eradication of this plague and those who aim to spread it. Her mind securing the image of the Draenei Death Knight who dropped the canister before the Bishop on the 26th of February, and slipped from her grasp the evening of the 27th due to exhausted physical status.

She will be looking for this woman if she has not been apprehended already.

[[ Fair play and patience go a long way. ]]
Ah, yes. Plagues. Such wonderfully wicked things, and so much fun too on either side.

I was a bat. -The- bat. That diseased bat that was all up in front of your tavern, harassing Selzen and Eclo and trying to nom at their calves. Eventually, said bat exploded in a display of gore. But first was burned, and cut, poked by an armored grizzly bear, stomped on with cleets... you get the picture.

Heheh. I need to do stuff like this more often, plague or no.

~Viel Glück!
I just don't understand why there has been no thought of quarantining Stormwind. Obviously this should not be allowed to escape already affected areas. The first steps in an epidemic is to contain and quarantine. Why is this not done? Or is it not possible?
Oboy. Here's something for a morbid apothecary/chemist to get excited on. No doubt El will be experimenting on this in her own solitude, on a great many things and creatures. When she gets the chance. Quite exciting.
The Good Doctor had been working on some form of immunization for the plague since it first appeared in an effort to stave off any infection. Unfortunately any vaccine he managed to develop seemed to accelerate the death of his test subjects rather than protect them. One might only hope the test subjects were animals. So far basic treatments could work for Thaid as herbal anti-biotic had little effect on the disease.
The Death Knight winced as she wrapped the bandage around her neck, blood having been oozing from the small cut there, along with from where one of her facial tendrils use to be, the cut on her neck and the removal of the tendril being small injuries caused by the female Paladin. The room she sat in was silent, the front door of the small home she was staying in closed and locked, hidden away in some area of Ironforge. She had been at the Cathedral just an hour or two earlier, watching a crowd of people in what she assumed was a sermon and a memorial service of some old Dwarf that had recently died (likely due to the plague). When she left, her instincts told her that she was being followed, but she decided to turn around and face her follower instead of rounding the corner of the orphanage, only having a second or so to see a Light-made hammer of justice get flung into her face. Knocked onto her back and stunned, there was very little time to react as the Paladin brought her sword down towards her neck, the Death Knight rolling out of the way at the last second, her tendril getting chopped off in the process.

The Paladin leapt back and called for assistance, two Human males arriving behind her, one a Monk and the other another Paladin. Normally the Draenei would stay and fight in whatever combat situation she was in, but being in a major section of the city and fighting back completely would only cause her to be surrounded after too long. The next set of actions between all four pieces on the board were rapid, the Draenei going next as she death-gripped a nearby rat into her hand before throwing it at the other female's face; she only planned to do her best to get away at this moment. The Monk shot out a torrent of chi at the same time which would've caused the Draenei's actions to slow down if she had been hit by it, but instead the Rat took the hit, bouncing off the flat end of the female Paladin's blade as she raised it up to cover her face. What happened next must've been pure luck, as the Death Knight hadn't sensed any assistance yet so soon but had not made any more of a physical attack on the other woman.

The Paladin who had first approached her fell to her knees, and the Death Knight was about to close the gap before that same Paladin shot out a burst of light from her hand, temporarily blinding the target she sought to go against. This caused her to stumble back before falling onto her bottom, the next thing being sensed was the Monk charging at her, seeing the man more as a whirlwind of air than a bald spinning top that had a spinning leg sticking out from it, the foot attached to that leg slamming against the front side of her helm, the hard hit knocking her fully to the ground again. The male Paladin did more than watch now, deciding he would try to get the killing blow as he came closer with a sword and shield in hand. The Death Knight was dazed, but knew she had to act quick; these people only saw her as a threat and wanted to destroy it through death. She rolled to the side, immediantly going onto her hooves, before running towards the eastern exit of the Square, stumbling with her movements as she started to run.

She had managed to make it to Deeprun, the Monk and male Paladin close behind her, but the Tram wasn't there! The Draenei was already somewhat tired, due to running in the plate armor she wore and having been knocked in the head the amount of times she had already taken. A circular pattern was made as she waited for the Tram to arrive, jumping from the ramp onto the track, before going up the opposite ramp and repeating; this may have been the only time she hoped for Gnomish technology to help her in any situation. By the third time a full circle was completed the Monk became smart enough to simply wait for her to go up the ramp before sending another whirlwind of kicks at her. Like a baseball bat to a ball, the foot landed on her head again, the momentum sending her flying back onto the track, metal connecting with metal with a loud THUD, echoing.

The Paladin hopped down onto the tracks, intending to continue on with his attack as an excorcism blast was shot out at her. Lying on the ground, the Monk was death gripped and pulled in front of her, using him as a shield as he got hit with the excorcism. He stumbled to the side and fell to his knees, and with him being the easier target, he was charged at with a hoof to the face planned for him after she stood. Her hoof was blocked and pushed to the side though, making her spin around, just in time for her to see the Paladin's shield slam against her front side, sending her to the ground yet again. Her hand reached out, grabbing the Monk by the ankle, before pulling him down on top of her, wrapping an arm around his waist.

She held him on top of her to prevent the Paladin from getting an easy stab at her, but a cry of pain left her lips as she felt the Monk's hand press against her leg, his powers being used to make chi a source of pain for her. That arm around his waist slowly began to glow blue before he felt an icy touch, a feeling similiar to that of harsh frostburn going across his body. He himself raised an arm up before swiftly bringing it down behind him, hitting her neck and paralyzing her for some seconds. Her arm around him loosened and he rolled away, taking a break from the battle to catch his breath. The Paladin quickly walked over to her and raised his sword, but then he stopped. "What...? Huh?"

She could only stare up at him as she waited for him to slay her, but this is when her assistance arrived. Some force was holding the man back, and it was long enough for her paralysis to go away and for her to stand. This was her opportunity.

"Escape from there without struggle." That was the voice of her superior that she heard in her mind, but she wasn't about to leave without some sort of accomplishment. A hand reached up to pull the Paladin's mask away from his face and she leaned forwards, her mouth opening. She then exhaled, and a small green gas cloud left her lips, surrounding the man's face. In the background, the Monk's screams were able to be heard, telling the other man to get away and just leave her for now, but it was too late.

When the mask was pulled away, the man was able to move again and was no longer blocked by the invisible force. The man seemed stubborn in his attempts to apprehend the terrorist, continuing to go against her even as he became infected. Chains of light began to go out at her, but her free hand glowed with a dark aura when she breathed on him. That dark aura then became a large bone in her hand, which was then tossed up and split into six different bones as it went into the air, the bone shield floating around her body. The bones blocked the chains of light from pinning her down, but they snapped and broke apart with each blocking.

This was her chance to escape, and she took it as she ran back up the ramp, the farther Tram having arrived. The final bone was destroyed as the Paladin shot another excorcism shot at her. She glanced back over her shoulder as she got onto the Tram, hearing the Paladin scream at her as she then left for Ironforge. "She must be JUDGED!" The Monk quickly began to attempt healing the Paladin, and the Draenei panted and caught her breath as she made her way to one of her hideouts.

She stared up at the ceiling after recounting the events that had just happened earlier. Her face was covered and she wore entirely different clothes than the day before whenever she was at the Cathedral. Her thought was that some sort of aura she had was identified by some of the more skilled priests in the building, who she had underestimated. Even more caution would have to be had if she were to go back there again, if she were even able to without being confronted at all. Meanwhile, the detached face tendril slowly crawled its way on the ground towards the Cathedral steps, acting as if it had a mind of its own...
((Thank you all so much for this fantastic event. The Blackstone Order, having delivered the blood samples from victims to the Magus Senate and working with the Clergy, would be interested in helping provide a strong arm and muscle in the form of a strike force for the protagonists. I'd love to work with you all to follow up on the leads generated and acquire targeted goals (such as capturing some of the plague bringers, or some of their equipment etc), as well as distribute the cure, once one is established. I'll see if I can contact you in game this evening to coordinate so we are on the same page =D Thanks again to you all for making this a great event!))
02/27/2013 12:05 AMPosted by Rhaazyk
I just don't understand why there has been no thought of quarantining Stormwind. Obviously this should not be allowed to escape already affected areas. The first steps in an epidemic is to contain and quarantine. Why is this not done? Or is it not possible?

In some time I believe there will be a meeting of the Military forces of the Kingdom, and the Alliance where we will discuss this threat, and possibly assign soldiers at certain key points in the city like the Gryphon Roosts, Trams, and Gate to scan for those infected. That's my hopes anyways and I am trying to do all I can to help make that possible because it would be cool.
The Board of Disputations outside of the cathedral, usually filled with the disputations of clerics and heretics, is now filled with anti-plague measures and countless leaflets of paper.

The Church insists that all believers and non-believers in Cathedral Square wear masks to cover both mouth and nose for their protection and the protection of others. If you have no mask, cover your face with your arms and ask a churchman for one.



If you or anyone you see feels symptoms of sickness, including:

Or if anyone has:
Vomited on you
Given your food, especially chocolate

Please report to the clinic facility at the evacuated orphanage to receive help from one of the doctor or volunteers. The sickness has swift onset and the infected may die if untreated within half an hour.


Anyone distributing candy in the City of Stormwind or the Province of Elwynn must be detained and brought before the Bishop of Stormwind, His Grace Bishop Moorwhelp or his Vicar, Lord-Vicar Erich Manstein.

This is a matter of both civil and church law.


Please send your credentials to the Cathedral that your expertise may be directed in the most efficacious way.
(( A small OOC update that ties into the quarantining of Stormwind! ))

It has been decided there will be small checkpoints located at the trams, Harbor, front gates and gryphon roost. The soldiers on duty will detain any and all people coming out or in until they can be proven to be free of plague and not carrying suspicious goods. Travel in and out of Stormwind is still possible, however it is much more difficult than previously. I'm not sure if there are going to be players actually stationed at each spot but the checkpoints are supposed to be coming into effect shortly.

We're also wondering if there would be any sort of animal that can sniff out the plague in victims.
Dawn of the third day.

"You should have killed her." The Great Lord's voice was fresh in her mind still, as were the lingering traces of fear. It was an unsettling emotion, something she had not felt in the years since before the Lord's first fall.

"Your humanity is an interference." There had been pain then, a debilitating agony that had gripped her body, mind, and soul. But perhaps worst of all had been the emotions felt: disappointment, guilt. His disappointment, her guilt.

Turning eastward, thought and emotion were forgotten as the morning sun's warm rays played over her body. As the sun's light strengthened over the horizon, so too did her resolve; drawing strength from the beautiful dawn before her.

Today was a new day.

I will not fail you, Great Lord.
I can't think of any animal that would, Iraelius.

Not at this point, anyway. But wait till Friday, when additional news is released.
" I am glad that I cannot see. "

Her words were surreal. And every syllable she detested.

" Why would I want to see the guilt, the shame, the pain of this world? I feel it. Why is that not enough? "

" But you could see to help me. We could learn so much more if you could. You wouldn't get lost. You wouldn't be a liability. "

Snowblind's mind worked furiously. She hated him for saying that. And after five thousand years she could not manage to squash the feelings of worthlessness.

" I have learned more from my lack of sight than any of you have with your many senses. If it wasn't for me, You wouldn't know what originally started this, you wouldn't know where to look. You wouldn't have found the crypts. You would have stayed here. "

" We would have found it eventually. "

" After it was too late. "
First Phase
Testing complete.
Analysis made.
Weaknesses indicated.

The trial run was a success; we look forward to adapting to their methods of curing the illness and further improving the strength and direction of the disease.

Plaguebearers will continue to infect Stormwind City with varying strains of the current disease for further experimentation. Disciples are encouraged to collect corpses prior to burning for the purpose of preservation and further study.

Second phase to commence soon.

With your permission, Great Lord.
Apothecary Xal'hara of the Disciples of Damnation

As we approach Friday and the second phase of this story, I'm seeking volunteers that are willing to kill off characters/alts. I can't give any big details at the moment, but I will say....


Contact me in-game.
Damn you....Scourge 2.0.

It's alright. Nothing Darith hasn't ever seen. He was after all posted at Stratholme during the outbreak.

Zombies would be interesting though....Impose Martial law, and bring out the Soldiers of Stormwind to help quell the wretched curs.

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