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Moon Guard
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Guild name: Blackstone Order
Guild leader: Krôw
Officers: Sarendo
Numbers of participants: About 7
When would you like to participate: (please specify one hour between 3 PM and 6 PM, which will be used to sort your guild into a group with other available participants).

My guild would like to participate in all three days. Sarendo will be available Friday and Saturday to lead our participation, and I will be there Sunday to help the interior invasion of the Necropolis and hopefully the final show down!
Prepare yourselves, the bells have tolled.

Shelter your weak, your young and your old.

Each of you shall pay the final sum.

Cry for mercy - the reckoning has come
Prepare yourselves, the bells have tolled.

Shelter your weak, your young and your old.

Each of you shall pay the final sum.

Cry for mercy - the reckoning has come

You Scurlets are creepy.
Prepare yourselves, the bells have tolled.

Shelter your weak, your young and your old.

Each of you shall pay the final sum.

Cry for mercy - the reckoning has come

You Scurlets are creepy.

-Hovers close beside her ear and proceeds to mouthbreathe laboriously-

-Hovers close beside her ear and proceeds to mouthbreathe laboriously-

((Congratulations, you just made me get weird looks from my coworkers when I burst out laughing. :D ))
Death comes.
(( Update for Saturday!

I'm taking an impromptu trip outside the city on Saturday to visit my in-laws -- which means I may or may not be present and online for the DM event(s).

However, you can rely on Arhious and Aurion to be there and ready, starting at 3 PM. We'll likely be merging the individual DM events into a single campaign. So for those of you signed up (and not signed up! :P), simply whisper Arhious/Aurion for an invite on Saturday @ 3 PM server. There will be ONE raid group only. Sign-ups get priority for invites; for all others, it's a first come, first serve basis.

Friday and Sunday's events will continue as planned! ))
Name: Luneia
Number of Participants: 1 (I’m in a non-rp guild)
When would you like to participate:

Friday I should be available for (a guild run is scheduled for RIGHT after that)
Saturday I can be available for any time in that block
Sunday I can also be available for any time in that block
Serenity exited the Stocks, blinking against the contrast of light from the dank prison to the still bustling streets of Stormwind. Her eyes followed the back of her Champion, the two of them parting ways to spread the information they had just procured from a vile tongued doctor. The Doctor's mind had spoken much to the Confessor and Baron Darethel's Inquisitor, giving definite proof of Shazia's Abomination and its general location. Not much more would be obtained form the man, his head lying away from his body as both objects burned in a Light-controlled fire.

The woman's hand lifted to her neck, rubbing gently against the still horribly scarred flesh, her lips pulling into a frown as this battle with the Plague had taken much of a toll. Regardless, Serenity would always have an open mind, remaining faithful to thought of the Alliance's victory, and the hopefully culmination of bettered Order relations.

(( Optimistic to a T ))

Guild name: Silver Hand Chapter
Guild leader: Stromheart
Officers: Aurion, Ivay, Verisanie, Hendrek, Kuthanner
Numbers of participants: Five so far (Will be edited in the next 24 hours)
When would you like to participate: Available all blocks. Player participation may vary due to ooc occurrences.
Oh hai there Serenity. How is your mind? :)
-Hovers close beside her ear and proceeds to mouthbreathe laboriously-


And <3 Eclipse. XD
Oh hai there Serenity. How is your mind? :)

Bad Eclipse, are you just going around minspiking people.
It's uhhh... Keep forgetting things at certain times. Don't really know what's going on.
Me? Spike people, I would never!

Also, Serenity. Plague. :)
(( http://tinyurl.com/bosergeistOOC :) Read, please. ))
Death comes for us all.

Pressing a hand against the worn and cracked stone, the woman Shazia panted softly. Her brow wet with sweat from the exertion, her body trembling at the sudden drain in mana, she leaned against the pillar for support as her knees threatened to give way below.

Oh, Light...

Weariness was forgotten in an instant as she jerked in surprise. Where had that come from? A dangerous question to consider. Banishing the thought to the dark recesses of her mind, left there to be forgotten and never dwelled upon again, she pushed away from the pillar and turned then to confront the dark-robed Acolyte who knelt in passivity at her feet.

"Mistress," he intoned, "all is ready."

Removing her cowl with a soft sigh, she threaded fingers through her loose locks of dyed hair. Those fools. All she had wanted were the scrolls; they had never truly been in any danger. There were no plagued body parts. Oh, there certainly were pieces of the Elf's body scattered throughout the city, but they posed no threat beyond releasing a decaying smell.

And yet they had kept the scrolls, and forced her hand.

"They brought this upon themselves." Guilt weighed down on her, the burden of a thousand mountains, yet she bore it with grim determination. "We made a pact, and they broke it. They deserve this."

The words were firmer this time, and she nodded to herself. It was time.

"We attack at dusk tomorrow."
Hope kindles... but Faith burns.

Drawn as if from fate, there were the stone halls of the Cathedral. From this point of view, each scar drawn upon its face in this Library, each dent in the worn stone as if it were built that way. As if some creator new, that just as in the case of humanity, even the scars hold beauty.

".... And in all regards and notions, be ready. If War is upon us, it will be met with a full heart..." Aurion mumbled, a voice above a whisper, shoulders squared as he wrote it down upon a missive. Folding the document, he marked it with a crest seen so often it was hardly afforded a second glance in this age. The Lion, golden, blue, emblematic of all those things that stand against the tide.

A squire, young, eager... yet, crestfallen in these times, a burden bearing upon him approached, hands held out. From Aurion's dossier, three identical documents, each bearing letters of mark tied with a golden ribbon, pass from his hand to the Squire's. Before leaving, the Paladin looks upon the younger, azure eyes aflame... the passions of heart where it seemed heart ran vagrant.

"Chin up, young one. Why do you despair?"

"Sir... I simply wish to understand. Why do these forces set their will against us?"

Aurion looks upon the Squire, his good-natured smile one of consolation and regard.

"If the world were gold and only gold, very soon it would seem to look grey. If there were no darkness, where would the Light shine through? In a fallen world, there will always be those who cannot accept these facts. Who attune themselves with that which is easy, rather than those things which have true merit. It is much, to take upon a mantle of service... to garner hope when all seems lost..." He pauses, the smile harkening a certain inflection of his words, "But child. Hope kindles; faith burns. And by faith, the coming storm shall be made real. By the fires of faith, shall our allies sit around the hearth in earnest. Unity will serve as the panacea for any plague that would set its will against us."

The Squire took on a slight smile at these words, yet only an expression, for the fear still gripped him. Yet, somewhere deep within, a spark flickered, unwilling to go out.

Such as it is, that he stood to salute the Paladin in earnest.

"Light and Glory, Sir Dawntreader."
“Captain! Welcome back aboard!” The greeting fell on deaf ears as Matiff dismounted from his dragon hawk and landed aboard his ship. His sage green eyes looking upon the deck as men preformed their duties. It’d been some night for him, that’s much for sure. He let out a slow, soft sign before removing his hat and running his hand through his black hair before putting his hat back on.

I hope when this is all over, things settle down once again.

The thought brought a chuckle to him as he shook his head, “Who am I trying to fool?” He grinned softly before turning his gaze to the sky for a moment. Taking a breath of the sea air, he looked back down upon the Adamantite Heart.

Here they were, within eyesight of the city where they could easily intercept ships inbound to Stormwind. Making sure to warn those coming in about the plague threats and to search any cargo they had so not a single bit of the Plague could be smuggled in. He’d even brought a few crates of masks aboard his own ship so they could be distributed to those entering the city.

“Sir, ship, starboard side!”

Matiff whirled around, grabbing his spyglass off of his belt as he raised it up to bear. Focusing the glass on the vessel that had been called out before he burst into a grin. “It’s alright! It’s the Might, she’s here right on time.”

Finally, a break. With the Might here we won’t be so burdened on intercepting ships with just the Heart.

He put the spyglass away before heading towards a staircase that led into the belly of his home. “Keep an eye open! Inform me of each vessel that comes into sight. If you need me, I’ll be in my workshop.”

(( Shazia, if you, or any of your DMs, need a rundown on the weapons aboard feel free to contact me in game. ))
Rama walked back from the meeting with Shazia's Avatar, thinking about the demented warlock's warning to the allies he had made in his quest to stop her. The sun hid behind a cloudy expanse of grey sky as the wind hummed softly, brushing the occasional leaf in his direction from the ancient trees nearby.

"Does she really think our will can be bent so easily?", he sighs, putting a cask inside a hidden compartment in the small, nondescript alley as he tidied up the home he shared with him and his friends.

He shook his head, unable to believe what just transpired in the Cathedral just a few hours before. "She has just made me and my many allies..the Blackstone Order, the Clergy, the Scarlet Hammer, the Silver Chapter, and even my own friends, normally the last ones to take up arms..even more eager to hunt her down."

He picked up the occasional stray log from the blackened campfire left there the night before before smiling to himself..

"Ah, but what -she- doesn't know will be her downfall.." He smiles, remembering the conversations he's had with Aurion and Krow concerning tracking down Shazia and preparing for Stormwind's defense, respectively.

Just as he picked up the few remnants of a shattered cask of beer, he also reached down to lift the last step on what was known as "Deadbeat's stoop". The step lifted away easily as he disarmed several hidden traps beneath the slab of stone, revealing a triple locked box which he opened with practiced ease. After rifling through several documents, some containing the names of the very allies he had met throughout his investigation, he pulled out several copies of the same three scrolls he said he'd burn to the group and Shazia herself.

"Always let them see what you want them to see.." he smiled, taking the scrolls and stuffing another copy into his boot. The old detective then locked the box and reset his traps before setting the slab down to its proper place. He sighed, pulling down his cowl so it covers much of his head as the wind buffets him.

"Soon enough, it will all end...I pray to the Mother Moon that we all make it out of this alive", he sighs closing his eyes for a moment as if to savor the peace and quiet.

With that he walks off, wondering what other challenges the day may bring.
Salty air made the air soft against the raven haired woman's skin. The sea was earily calm this evening as the Commander looked out over the bow of the Netherstrider. She took another bite of her dry soldiers vitals, her dinner date earlier having been interrupted by the calls for aid in dealing with the witch's ploys. But she had played her part, her open opposition to the vote to burn the scrolls in Rama's possession only serving to further the ploy that the true scrolls were hidden. But even with the attempted searching of the Leylines for Shazia's magical signature, she remained undiscovered. The stout Commander couldn't help that all too familiar lurch in her gut that came before every fight as her gaze narrowed out over the star filled night. But they were ready. After all, the witch herself could not take the city, the true concern was the necropolis. And that too was being prepaired for. And now they wait....

She lifted her gaze to the skys, half expecting to see the looming dark shadow to the plague vessel there, waves gently rocking the hull. So was the calm before the storm.

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