Stuck on Battletron?

Running speed of light, fist of justice, selfless healer, unbreakable spirit, holy avenger, and holy prism. Prepotting, popping GoAK and starting to pop 3 mines. 10 seconds later I pop Avenging Wrath + Holy Avenger and burst him hard, I have him at about 45% at 1 minute, so Im slightly ahead of the hard enrage, however as we all know Ret Paladin sustained dps is utter trash. What are your strategies for Battletron? (Boss 3/4 Rank 7 Brawler's Guild)
Any thoughts? Im really getting frustrated
Full consumes + raid buffs

edit: Sacred Shield MAY save you a GCD or 2 so you can deal more damage over Selfless healer
Use Execution Sentence, Run SW, pre-pot pop everything. Next time your trinkets come up use your second pot and second Execution Sentence. Getting a healthstone might also be useful could save you a GCD. Of course full consumables and buffs as Holymez said as well.
Why is ES better for brawlers guild rather than holy prisim?
Raw DPS? Battletron is a straight DPS/gear check. ES will outperform HP in this regard, by a lot.

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