How many level 90s do you have?

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So I'm kinda of bored so, Jwing how many 90s you gals and guys out there have.

I personally have 3.
12 90's, 2 85's, 1 81, 1 70 and a handful of under level 10's
Just one. Still haven't bothered maxing this one, I really should.
Just one.

My next highest character is level 13. All others have been deleted.
4 3 tanks, 1 healer!
2 90s, a 74, a 56 and some lowbies.
5. 2 healers, 1 tank, 2 dps. One of those dps is just a priest though, and the only reason that she's shadow not disc/holy is because healing SUCKS for priests this expansion, and shadow is her only viable spec.
Right now four. Soon five, then I'll stop for quite a while.
8....... all classes but mage priest and rogue. Since i cant play a rogue for some reason, i made another monk...... Sad but true (good song btw).
this is my only 90...but I will be leveling my monk so Lol.
I'm about to have my fourth.
Leveled my fifth one a few days ago. I have three other 85's and an 87 waiting in line.
11 90s, 10 85s, and 29 misc lower levels.
Think 12 at the moment, deleted a 90 shaman a few days ago to clear space.

Why is there no "Reach level 90 with a character of each class" achievement, left me hanging after five D:

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