Buying ore/bars/lotus

Bleeding Hollow
Hello all!

I'm currently buying all Ghost iron ore @ 45g a stack****! I have a unlimited budget for ore so send as many stacks as you wish, i will buy it all!! you can send it C.O.D. or message me in game.

I'm also buying:

Ghost iron bars @ 95g a stack****
Golden Lotus @ 45g per or 900g a stack
Trillium ore (white or black) @ 150g a stack****
Vermillion Onyx @ 40g per/800 a stack
Wild Jade @ 40g per/800 a stack
Imperial Amethyst @30g per/600 a stack

****=buying in stacks only

All items listed can be sent C.O.D. any quantity, anytime. I have gold capped toons so don't be afraid to send everything you have, i will buy it!!

Also if you are a regular seller/farmer, message me in game and we can talk!

Keep up those C.O.D.'s! I'll buy it all! Dont be afraid to send 300+ stacks, i can handle ANY amount! and if you have a problem with my listed price, send me a tell or mail me a message and ill get back to you quickly!


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