Should I race change to Human.

While I like Sprinting every couple of minutes from being Worgan. I can't help but think I made a mistake by not rolling this guy as a Human. Is it worth the race change for the racials?
Race changes only have a noticeable impact at the very top tiers of competition.

If you're not pushing for Gladiator or Hero of the Alliance.... I wouldn't worry about it.
double dps trinks is pretty win.
Just being realistic. Simply enchanting your gear would make 1000% more of a difference than a race change.

And yes I know enchanting contenders gear is pointless.

The race change would be for vanity reasons alone at this point. As a melee, the worgen run is pretty strong. And if a trinket existed that gave you the worgen run speed skill, you can bet every human would take it.

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