Currently level 66. I pvp alot. Now spriests are really the only class i have trouble with currently. I can sometimes kill them when all CDs are up, but w/o all my CDs I don't stand a chance currently. Do they get any easier at endgame? Thx!

They are going to get harder, as you get higher level.
They are pretty much at the top or near the top of the list in the OP > UP spectrum where we are closer to under powered. Not saying we are weak and underpowered but either way they will give you one heck of a fight atm. 5.2 will definitely help out a lot though!
Casters are all incredibly overscaled at lower levels (including ret when played like a caster (ie; "correctly" for those levels), and it evens off as you get higher. Priests are still very high on the food chain though.
Oh ok...I have to figure out something. I can't see myself running, unless its back to my body from tha gy. Thanks for the feedback tho.

Well strangely enough, if you PvP as Prot at the lower lvls you can do better against casters like Spriests... Avengers shield can hit hard and silence... the Harsh Words glyph will rock them too at lower lvls... Prot works pretty good against casters at the LOWER lvls but at 90 its either Holy or Ret.... have fun with the tank spec while you can... its alot of fun :)
You're a blood elf, which means you have an extra silence in there. Shield is a ranged silence, Fist is also a ranged stun (they'll probably trinket that one, so use it as bait), then you can close in for your melee silences.

Here's my problem with SP...well, two of them. They retain their shadow orbs, versus our HP diminishes over time. Theirs should diminish as well. Plus, the placeable fear casting beast of annoyance needs it's hit points adjusted. You can one shot totems, why can you not one shot the fiend?

I have low level pvp'ed on a lot of different classes. And SP owns everything, even hunters. But lower levels as protadin you are in a good spot. Once I hit 90 on this paladin I have not stepped into any pvp.

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