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I have been filling in as MT and OT for our core group for a few weeks and I am having a difficult time with threat. I am hit capped but can't get to the expertise cap I keep hearing about. With a look at my armory, what changes can I make to help with threat? Should I change gems, enchants, reforge, etc. Is it my gear in general? I have been struggling to pull off our DK and the other Pally tank. The biggest problem fight so far has been Tsulong. If it is simply play style I can work on that but I would like to know if my gear needs attention first. I can go from there. Thank you in advance!
To my knowledge, 7.5% expertise is sufficient for most encounters. You're sitting at 9.39%.

How exactly are you having threat problems? Is it during tank swaps, or simply holding aggro in general?
Paladins have the lowest burst threat of the five tanks, which means that pulling off of another tank is always going to be difficult. The easiest thing to do is put Hand of Salvation on the other tank when a swap is required--that will drop the other tank's threat to zero for ten seconds, hopefully giving you enough time to generate enough Vengeance to keep aggro when the other tank's threat comes back.

As far as gear goes, we don't gear for threat. However, the standard haste build will also increase damage and threat as a bonus.

Just looking at your gear, here's some issues I see:

1. You're over the hit cap and below the expertise cap. Paladin tanks want 7.5% hit and 15% expertise (no, 7.5% is not enough for paladins; DKs don't worry about parry and the other tanks can get high enough resource regen to keep their active defenses up all the time, making expertise capping unnecessary, but paladins don't have that luxury).

2. You shouldn't be gemming for stamina. From your Armory it looks like you're doing normal modes, and you're not undergeared for them, so the stamina you get from gear is enough. Stamina gems plus a stamina trinket plus a stamina glove enchant are way more than you need.

Now, the basic stat priority is hit to 7.5% > expertise to 15% > haste/mastery > parry > dodge. Since you've over the hit cap, you should try to drop some of that hit and then pump what you can into expertise. Easy way to get more is to replace your glove enchant with expertise and get expertise on every gem (whether that's pure expertise, expertise/hit, expertise/haste, expertise/mastery, or expertise/stamina).

Then, if you can't get any more expertise (or you hit the cap), start putting what's left into either haste or mastery, depending on your preference (haste is generally preferred). Because dodge is our worst stat, you should always reforge away from dodge if possible, unless not doing so puts you over the hit or expertise caps.
Excellent info! Thank you for the help.

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