Why am I ooming so hard?(have logs)

Specifically on tonights (reg) Will and elite protectors I seemed to be having mana problems when I know I shouldnt at this point. I have the logs. Im not sure if my spell usage is incorrect or maybe its the way I'm gemming or reforging? Also if theres something very obvious that I can be doing better to boost my overall output please point that out too (I think im in a decent position though right now in terms of that). The help is much appreciated <3

Heres the logs..
I read that as coming for ages, my eye sight is terrible.
02/26/2013 09:51 PMPosted by Solvexx
I read that as coming for ages, my eye sight is terrible.

On Will it looks like that you can be a bit more on top of casting HS on CD as you have it on a 6sec CD and yet it is being cast every 8.7sec. That will give you a bit more Holy Power to use on Eternal Flame or Word of Glory. As well if you were to cast Holy Shock on CD that would have been a total of 77 Holy Power gained from just that where you only gained 53 Holy Power. I would not consider that an issue if you were say getting 65/77 Holy Power. As well keep your Eternal Flames rolling as much as possible. You had a 77.9% uptime on Eternal flame where it should be over 90% as close to 100% as possible and that will come with using Holy Shock closer to CD. The uses of your Cool Downs are not really that bad. A big thing that looks like it might have hurt you a bit is your RNG on Divine Pupose where Holy Avenger might be a bit better to help with the control of healing and that is another CD on top of the amount you have now. As well one thing that I do to help the gain of Holy Power is 3+ people need healed and they are near each other instead of using Light of Dawn I will use Holy Radiance with a Holy Shock to follow it then put an Eternal Flame on someone else. As well keeping your Eternal Flame up does roll your mastery on the person it is on as well the ticks go to your beacon target as well.

On Protectors again your HS up time could be a tad bit better but it is better then what it was on Will. You casted HS roughl every 7.9Seconds. Again Eternal Flame up time is a bit low but a bit better then it was on Will. Divine Purpose RNG was a little bit nicer to you on this fight as well. Make sure when you do take Divine Purpose you use Eternal Flame or Light of Dawn at 3 Holy Power unless you have to get a fast heal off on someone to try and save them from a death. As well as your Cool down usage is not that bad on Protectors.

Honestly in my opinion it just looks like a little bit of a gear issue with your just a bit short on spirit but not much you can do until you get more gear. If you get a chance I would suggest replacing your tier legs with the legs from Feng just for the spirit boost its roughly 755 more spirit I believe with out your current legs reforged with your current legs reforged it is close to 500 spirit gain(I am probably wrong but I think it is close to that). I will say it again just to confirm that I honestly think it is more of a gear issue then anything else but the few things I mentioned should help a little bit
Thx healz i appreciate the look over. One other question... Do EF ticks proc DP?
02/27/2013 01:18 PMPosted by Dordrey
Thx healz i appreciate the look over. One other question... Do EF ticks proc DP?
nope, just using abilities that cost holy power do
It looks as though it's also a gear issue on the rest of the raid. The dps from some of your group is not amazing so obviously the longer the fight the more mana you're going through. Will sucks if you're tanks aren't geared.
You probably were running low on mana during protectors because your disc priest didn't use Spirit Shell. Not once. Your priest was most likely near oom as well due to poor rapture management.

No Spirit Shell just drops a whole lot more damage on the raid, especially in 10man when Spirit Shell can cover 2 groups so easily and efficiently.

On your logs from 26th Feb, during the entire raid night your priest also only used Spirit Shell on the following fights:

Stone Guard: 20 applications of Spirit Shell
Feng: 0 applications of Spirit Shell
Gara'jal: 0 applications of Spirit Shell
Spirit Kings: 0 applications of Spirit Shell
Imperial Vizier: 15 applications of Spirit Shell
Blade Lord Ta'yak: 31 applications of Spirit Shell
Elite Protectors: 0 applications of Spirit Shell
Elegon: 10 applications of Spirit Shell
Will of the Emperor: 13 applications of Spirit Shell

Get your disc priest to fix his s#it and it will help your mana pool out a lot :)
Surely it has already been said, but on Will, you can melee the boss between devastating combo's as well as the adds. 2.4k mana proc and it happens a LOT.

Also, Divine Plea at 80%(ish) when there isn't much damage going about. I'm not good at examining logs, but the spirit shell think on protectors is a little funny. I assume you had a different comp that fight?

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