REQ WPVP: city vaults and the fence

i would like to propose an addition to the game that would help encourage a cycle of wpvp events

city vault:
upon killing varian or garrosh, a top level engineer-rogue (engineer+pickpocket == safe cracker) in the raid would be able to loot the vault key. upon looting the key, a trap door or secret wall panel would open. going down the zig-zagging tunnel would lead the raid party to the city vault. the safe cracker would then start on the vault door. this could be a simple cast bar or have some puzzles that need to be solved (puzzles would be cooler as people are trying to figure out the answer in vent). once the vault door opens, it will pour out loot every 5 minutes for an hour (12 loot cycles) then slams shut for 24 hours. if all members of the raid are dead or beyond 50 yards from the vault door, it will close for 24 hours.

raise the alarm:
a faction wide alarm would go off once the vault door has been breached. this will bring players to the city to kill the raiders. (what? you thought it's supposed to be easy?)

the loot:
every 5 minutes while the vault door is open, all living members of the raid within 50 yards will receive a 'loot notice'. this loot will come in 2 waves. the first wave is pure gold. the 2nd wave is 66% gold and 34% loot.

the 1st loot wave would be a random amount ( random( 40*500, 40*1000 )) that would be evenly distributed to raid members (if you only bring 20 members, you win big!).

the 2nd loot wave would be a lower amount of gold (random( 40*100, 40*250 )) and loot (13 pieces)

the kicker:
the 2nd wave of gold + loot (13 pieces) ... would come from the players of the faction being robbed. the loot would be from the banks of top level players* ... allowing them to respond. items selected could be anything from junk to epically rare soul-bound items.

*note: this spares lowbies from having their gold or items stolen while leveling

the fence:
the fence is an exceptionally well connected group of goblins that deal in the shady underbelly of azeroth. there would be one outside of stormwind and another outside of orgrimmar in the cross realm zones. these locations would have a deep labyrinth beneath their unassuming shack. there should be guards (not too many), tellers, and maybe a goblin king.

keep in mind, the fence is in a cross-realm zone, so there would be plenty of enemy faction milling around should you decide to hit it

laundry service:
laundering is a delicate operation and takes time... about 1 week. during this time, the gold+loot is held in a storage locker at the fence.

for every round of loot awarded, raiders would receive a 'receipt' in their mailbox of the goods 'being laundered' at the fence... with a claim token attached (BOA). the token would be available to be claimed 1 week from issuance... and expires after 2 weeks.

victim notice:
upon a successful vault robbery, the victim would receive a note in their in-game mailbox. this note would come from the kings security and would detail their losses... along with a locker token(BOA). the token would indicate which locker their goods are held in, at the enemies fence. the token would expire 2 weeks from issue.

laundry pickup:
in the goblins labyrinth, there would be lots of chests and boxes. each would require a special key to open. there would only be 2 keys per chest... one held by the raider and the other by the victim. hovering over a chest would show its number (ie: chest A-1256) allowing for the player to quickly scan for the chest they need (they may have numerous chests to find). the chests they can open may sparkle to make it easier. upon opening, gold would be placed in the players pocket and items would be shipped to the players mailbox

unclaimed tokens:
we can't have the loot just laying around. any unclaimed loot will go immediately to auction on the black market auction house.

see also:
REQ mercs:
REQ assassins and bounty hunters:

if you would like to see this suggestion implemented, please paste a link to this thread into the 'submit suggestion' box in-game. i've been told those suggestions are delivered to development and it's one of the few ways they get input from players
I concur.
Sounds like fun to me!
Fun interesting idea!
Sounds fun! :)
great idea... HEY BLIZZ DO THIS... would MEAN PPL WOULD PAY FOR VOID storage
Sounds like a good idea Tiny!! This would be a lot of fun and give us pvp'ers a lot more incentive to get down on raiding cities again seeing as how people never wanna join in on For The Horde anymore... Who is this guy Tiny and why is he so smart?!?!
You should be getting paid for these ideas
I'm so down for this.

02/27/2013 03:41 PMPosted by Ûmbrosous
You should be getting paid for these ideas

^^^ The truth.
02/27/2013 04:36 PMPosted by Toskosa
idk, what about low pop realms where one faction just dominates the other numbers wise?

if you can't get a x-realm raid to hit the fence then hire mercs

you could also hire mercs to help guard your city
I really hate that feeling of being ganked at any moment when all I really want to do is mindlessly quest or farm goodies, so I'm usually not a fan of these kinds of ideas if they effect, say, normal/RP realms. However...for this one, I am actually intrigued!

Admittedly I have an unhealthy obsession with sparklies...OMG VAULT! *defends engi/rogue to dying breath* SHINIES! Win.

This other link you shared Tiny, is something I could get down with, as you have the option to rehire your "assassin" to go after whoever put the hit on you, or hire mercenaries to help you if you are getting picked on! Player issued dailies style, FTW! We can contract them with favors as well as gold, yes yes? ^.^
Love the idea Tim!

Hope to see it implemented in 5.3!!!
Sounds awesome.
This would be awesome.
Would be good but it would be a mass amount of people and the server lag would be horrible :(
Awesome idea for sure, more and more ideas as such, hopefully blizzard does take a gander here and pull you in for a tea and scone and chew on how this should be done!
I think this sounds like a great idea in theory. However, some problems would probably become more pronounced were it implemented. On KJ, Ruinous regularly brings down the entire server by raiding Org. If ~100 people raiding a capital can bring down a high-pop server, there would likely have to be some fairly large changes to make this work. Create a toon on KJ, and hop into Org on a Monday night. You have phasing about every 20 feet. It's insane.
I like it!

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