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Wyrmrest Accord
ICC- We are a gathering point for all those that believe in the values our governments and religion have instilled in us. Each of us follow some form of "Light." We will do what we must to protect the moral and just teachings the Light has given us. The Light is our guide, ensuring that we go where injustice and suffering is happening. So that we may take the actions needed to protect life and freedom in our world. This does not mean that we will not dwell into the "shadows." The rare occasions that we must; it is always for the greater good.
With members active on each continent, concerns are brought forth to our council. The council consists of priest/priestesses of alliance races, as well as the officer corp. Courses of action and consequences are discussed before a decision is made. Word is then spread quickly to all members and action is taken.

((OOC))-Lights Edge is expanding our role-play ability by expanding our pool of experience. We're looking for new and seasoned members with which to create a varied, new, and fun role-play atmosphere. We're not in search of numbers, but honest, sincere, and quality people to enjoy this world created for us. All level, class, and Alliance races are in need. Remember here, variety is the spice of life.
Our guild is formed on the premise of social behaviors. Helpfulness, general discussion, and even chatter about your local weather is fine in our guild channel. Officer channel is for the Officer corp. We feel role-play should be open and in the "air," so the use of /s should be for all role-play. Any chat in guild or tells is considered OOC here unless you note it w/ "". Of course /s or /y doesn't require "". There are guild role-play events and meeting, but we encourage the use of "P.U.R." Pick-up role-play, like the water filter, is usually the most refreshing.

Membership with us is based on following our rules of conduct.
-Respect all other players. Once you have joined, you represent us all.
-RP is not necessary to join, but you must respect others that do role-play.
-Follow and abide by lore. We're not elitist, nor perfect ourselves. Mistakes happen but try to keep them few and far between.
-Use proper spelling and punctuation during role-play.
-Watch your language and slang. Guild chat is open to all. With this being an internet based game, I cannot ensure all members are adults. Keep it clean.
-Initiates are not required but are encouraged to attend events and/or meetings. The rank of Guardian is given to those that show initiative and interests in role-play.
-Anyone ranked Guardian or higher must attend at least one guild meeting or event to maintain their position in the guild. Exceptions are made, see the next rule.
-Inactivity: if you are inactive for 2 months or more, fear not, you will not be kicked. Instead, you will be placed in our away/vacation rank. You must notify an officer of your upcoming time away for this though. Failure to do so will result in possible gkick. This rank only has access to gchat, so as soon as you return tell an officer. At that time you'll be placed at your previous rank.
-Follow Blizzards TOS.
-Violations will be discussed by the officer corp, and penalties may range from demotion in rank or complete gkick.
If you're okay with what you've read to this point and would like to join simply whisper or in-game mail Nytis, Vedara, or Draqe. You can also reply to this post and I'll get in touch with you in game.
Thanks for reading and happy hunting.
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Our first guild meeting is today at 7:30pm realm time. Thank-you to everyone that has joined us and participated already. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone for the first time in character.
Remember for in character reasons, you read a flyer posted on the wall of an inn. These posters read; "Calling on adventurers who are willing to do what's needed for the better good of the "Light" and the Alliance. Seek out Nytis in Stormwind."
First in-character guild meeting has come to an end. We met in the Pig & Whistle Inn located in Old Town section of Stormwind. Thank-you to those that turned out to chat and share a few drinks. I see great role-play potential in the guild. A Draenei with a very good sense of humor. I'm sure he'll end up being the life of a party. Vedara has been asked to accept the Asst. Guild Leader position. She accepted it. We will be scheduling another guild event soon, the goal being a weekly event. I hope more attend. Spread the word that we're looking for more active role-players. Happy Hunting everyone.
ICC Guild meeting for this Wednesday, 6 Mar 2013. 5pm realm time/ 8pm est. Details in guild info tab.
We will now be performing in character interviews as part of our guild induction. Looking forward to all the future members and their varied personalities.

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