Four tight-knit friends looking for a guild!

Heya! As the title suggests, we're looking for a raiding guild. We've been playing games together for four years now that vastly range from shooters to wow to mobas, so altogether we've got alot of synergy and understand each other's playstyles. We're not incredibly geared, but can push ourselves to fit what's needed if you're missing a few members.

As for what we play, it's really up to you for what niches need to be filled! My friend's favorite choices this expansion are a ret pally, a mage, and a resto shaman. My own class choice can entirely be up to whatever you need. I've tanked on a heroic level in cataclysm/LK, I've done the same as warlock in cataclysm, etc etc. The classes I feel most at home with are rogue, warlock, DK (any spec) , warrior (tanking), monk (healing), and hunter.

For the schedule that your guild has, I'd love to be able to sit down and talk with you about it. Three of us are college students with no real job otherwise, so we're pretty flexible.

There's not much incentive to take us, lacking tip top gear and all that, so I guess the only thing I can do is give you my word that we're a dedicated bunch that are willing to push ourselves to succeed. We just need a place to call home. (I can promise we're tons of fun in voice chat too! :] )

Thanks for taking the time to read this all! I appreciate any offers in advance! Hit me up in game or just leave a post on this in order to get in touch!
Hey soggy, Our core recently lost a few of our guys due to many reason thats not really important. From what i heard you 3 could almost fit perfectly into our core. We're Cröwn and were 11/16 and looking to rebuild a strong team for 5.2. The only spot that i can't have being filled is the resto sham, cus 1 our heal team is full and 2 im resto shaman. :/. But if he can roll a melee and you lock and your other friend mages i think we can be in business. Please talk to me in game and check out our website I'll add you and if i see you on we can talk a bit more on raid times and if you guys are the experience we need
Thx ^.^ hopefully will see you in game!
Hey soggy,

I will be honest in saying that I don't have 4 spots in a raid team currently open, but I have a couple for our main group that runs Sunday 9:30-1:00am and Monday 10:30-1:00am (both times server time). We are 10/16n for this tier and have yet to have a solid consistent 10 people (7-8 regularly show for raid nights) I specifically am looking for a couple melee dps players and possibly a healer that can dps as well. We also have a secondary group that is trailing behind in progression due to a 3hr/wk raid schedule and there is more room for new players there.

Gear is not a huge issue, but will be a little tougher come 5.2
You may find a need to work through the T14 raids to "gear up" to get into T15 (I'm anticipating need for 490-500ilvl to be successful in the new raid, but that may be a bit steep)

I'd be willing to talk with you about what you are wanting to see in game and how I might be able to help you with that. Krenaa#1950 is the btag info. Look forward to talking to you.
Hey, hit us up at

and check out what we have to offer. We've got a 25m that we're trying to build upon and have a 10m that's gone through nearly all the heroic fights. We've a relaxed guild but strive to make each night that we raid a night worth raiding. Any and all roles are welcome, our current hybrids love to swap roles when we can, so that leaves room for whatever. If you have any questions find someone within the guild when you're on next time. We did just move here from Draka so that means those who are here are looking for something we can all enjoy. Thanks for the read and g'luck on your search.
Hi Soggy! Would love to chat about your group - we're currently running a 10man team but will soon be recruiting to build up to 25m progression raiding w/ hardmodes. Your gear is not an issue right now, especially given the fact that you have experienced heroics in previous expansions while it was still relevant. Haven raids 2 nights/week - Wed/Fri 6:45-11pm PST. So far we have a great core of capable raiders who are fun to play with - come join us! :)

Please check out our website and then find myself, Ebonrage (our GM), or Kaulick (co-RL) in game if you are interested. Hope to hear from you!

~Mysery :)

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