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Well, let me tell you a little about my-character-self! I am a IL 487 Resto shaman with a viable Ele OS. For MOP content I only have 6/16 Experience. Long story there, but to basically sum it up, my raiding guild broke up at the start of MOP, and I've been left to try to fill the hole with random guilds that did not do so well, or to pug. (UGH) So really, I've given up on raiding up till now. With 5.2 coming out soon, I feel I am ready to jump back into that fun pool of wiping and learning fights all over again. With the time I took off from raiding, I got a little more familiar with PVP (arena/rbgs) and had fun with that, but I like to experience all aspects of the game, and with not raiding, I've found myself a little bored. (If you armory me, and see me in all pvp gear, that is NOT my raiding gear - I have a full set of PVE gear as well)

I am looking for somewhere to call home, not just somewhere I log in once in awhile and go get gear with a bunch of strangers. I like tight-knit small guilds (preferably) but if I could find a larger guild where people actually talk in gchat, that would be awesome too! (I hate guilds with 1500 people that never say a word - so boring!)

But anyways! Now time for a little info on my-real life-self. I am an 29 y/o aunt/adopted mom to 2 wonderful little kiddos, and engaged to a wonderful man. That being said, usually I have to be up at 5 in the morning every weekday to make sure everyone gets to school/work on time. So I am looking for a guild that doesnt raid past (preferably) 11 server at night. Also, I cannot raid on Fridays or Saturdays (prefer Sundays not to either but I can make a exception for an awesome guild!) as those are days that I spend with the family.

I am experienced. I always come ready (flasks/food/repairs/watched videos/read up on fights). I've been playing this game since BC came out, so thats alot of raiding! Every expac I've concentrated on raiding and only since the end of Cata/MOP I've been getting into PVP. If I sign up for a raid, you better believe I'm going to be there! I know theres nothing more irritating than someone signing up and you expecting them to be there and they don't show. Basically, I know I don't have alot of MOP experience but I am looking for a guild that will give me a chance to prove that I can do it :)

Anyways, now that I'm done writing a whole book on myself (and if you've made it this far - kudos to you!) I'm leaving it up to you guys. Please feel free to get ahold of me in game (Battletag Blackwidow#1441) or respond here. If you do want to get ahold of me in game, your best bet is to add my battletag because I do have quite a few alts I work on.

Thanks and hope to hear from you!
You have already responded to my post, but now I'll respond to yours, I am highly interested in contacting you, so I have informed Brandishur and Ariis, Ariis being our GM, of your interest and hopefully you can contact one of them and when I come back from my vacation we can get acquainted!
Ariis/Brandishur tried contacting you yesterday with no avail. Perhaps tomorrow!
Superfriends raids Tues-Thurs, 8:30 to 12 (not 11 but maybe if the fit is right...), and we're looking for a few people to fill core raiding positions. We've got a pretty laid back, but effective raiding environment.

If you are interested, send me an in-game mail / whisper or contact Jeff.
Nik/Iron - I am sorry if you guys tried to get ahold of me in game! I have been quite busy IRL and have been afk quite a bit even tho I was logged in...I hope to see one of you guys on today to have a chat!!

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