[H] <Define> 10m tu/w/th 1/13H recruiting!

Raid times/Days are:
-Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7:15 to 10:15 server time. Sometimes we throw in a sunday raid night if we for some reason miss a regular raid night due to holidays or other things.

Current progression:

Tier 14

6/6 MSV
6/6 HoF
4/4 Toes
4/6 MSV
0/6 HoF
0/4 Toes

Tier 15


Add Battletag Trax#1122 if interested in joining

Current Recruitment needs:
Healers : Druid or Shaman with DPS offspec.
DPS : DK or Warrior with tank off spec.

- Even if your class/spec is not listed we always looking for more people who are great at raiding and wanna progress!

- Loot is handled with loot council and is always given to those who show up and perform their role well and need it the most. No loot drama is tolerated.


- It will be required to do your best to make most raid nights. If you cannot make a raid night just let the GM or an officer know in advance but making as many raid nights as possible is very important and expected of everyone!

The group is fairly new and got a somewhat late start with mop raiding so the heroic progression isn't impressive but the plan is to hit 5.2 hard and clear it on normal in a reasonable time frame and then push the heroics as hard as possible. We already have some great players, just need to fill some spots to really push hard content!

Coming to raids with all your gear gemmed, enchanted, and reforged properly is obviously required as is knowing your class and having consumables(flasks, food) Tho once you are in the core group flasks and potions can be provided.
need lock dps now as well!
Still looking
WTB more bamboo
need more people!!!! come on!
1/12 normal throne!
2/12....still need some peeps
Really need a frost death knight!!!
Hey, I'm not sure how many DK's you were looking for but I'm a Frost spec DK that's currently looking for an active raiding guild.

I just recently hit 90 so I'm working towards gearing myself up as fast as possible. Obviously not quite yet ready to hop into raids but with me you'll certainly have a guild member that's regularly on and ready to go.

The raid times are perfect for what I'm looking for.

Is there a website setup?
If you have any room for a prot warrior, I'd certainly be interested.

Do you have a website by any chance?
no website atm. GL in the search for a guild tho guys! Also: Bump
4/12 now
Tsantsu back peddles, true story.
no thats me....get your facts straight!

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