[H] <Define> 10m tu/w/th 1/13H recruiting!

I know right blizzard should give me a free transfer with all the cash iv handed them over the years.
uh huh :) but we miss you here
bump...hopefully 9/12 this week or more
9/12 and should be 10/12 tomorrow night!
11/12!!! should be doing heroics sooooooooooooooooooooon!!!!
epic back peddling on qon trax that's going on the front page of the guild site bro :D
bump....REALLLLLY need a plate tank and a ranged DPS or 2!!!!!
Resto Druid interested add Ashley#1420 if you have questions.
bump! 12/12
Still looking!
still looking
1/13 heroic!!!
grats to cruc... I mean Define on 2/13 heroic ^.^
disc priest 518 11/12 ToT interested add jvmanalili#6826 if you have questions.

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