Draenei Death Priests. How do?

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So after running this quest: http://www.wowhead.com/quest=10227/i-see-dead-draenei

I'm considering RPing a draenei death priest but I would really like to know how exactly I go about this. Does anyone have any useful information on the matter?
I know absolutely nothing about it, but I say go for it. They exist in game so it's lore plausible.

Given the character dialogue, you can infer it wasn't acceptable to be a "death priest". One would likely be viewed as crazy or unsavory for being one. They may be viewed similarly to warlocks in terms of disdain and suspicion. It might be something your character hides keeps a secret.

Seeing dead people might be a keen character hook if you don't go overboard with it. Having your character see and occasionally be alarmed by things that aren't there could be situationally acceptable.
Another way of looking at it is taking into consideration the Anchorites (Priests) of Auchindoun, which was previously the Draenei's mausoleum city. The Draenei find death an "unfortunate and unsettling consequence" of life, so they hid their dead away; despite this, Auchindoun is known as a very holy site for the Draenei...at least up until the Crypts corruption and the Shadow Council took over.
The Priests who took care of the dead were known as Auchenai. Coincidentally, a dying Naaru known as D'ore just happened to reside in Auchenai Crypts, which (presumably) lead to the corruption of the place and the Auchenai. A little backstory about Naaru deaths: Although they're creatures of pure light, they become pure void when they die - Void being the complete opposite of the Light. It's assumed that the void the Naaru had become drove the Auchenai to madness, which made them go down some very dark paths, some of which included Necromancy and void magic.
Anyhow, in this special situation, you could see your Draenei Priest as a former Anchorite of Auchindoun or a full-blown Auchenai. The latter would be harder to do since, you know, craziness and all. But perhaps your Draenei - traumatized by what happened to their brethren - would become obsessed with Void magics ("why must light always become dark?" or somesuch). Although traditional Shadow magic ISN'T "Void magic", it could probably be pulled off somehow as a Shadow Priest anyway.


This is a response to a question I asked about draenei shadow priests. "Death priests" aren't exactly bad/unacceptable. Or, I'm guessing they weren't back when they were a thing. NOW they're pretty bad, since the majority of them are insane.

Edit: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7894109379#9 <-- Linky to the post/thread if you wanna see the whole thing.
An insane character is just what I'm aiming for so that's of no issue. I simply don't want to make her evil. Crazy with good intentions is more what I'm aiming for.
Then an Anchorite of Auchindoun's the character for you! So long as you weren't 'corrupted' by the going ons of Auchindoun crypt, you could easily be a 'death priest' who's insane without being evil.

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