How would you improve ES/LH for PvP?

One of the things I was really stoked about us shiny Paladins before MoP was when they put our new 90 talents on PTR. When I first saw the visuals for Execution Sentence and Light's Hammer I was thinking how badass would it be to use it on someone in PvP.

Unfortunately it's not the case. For the most part from what I gathered reading the forums ES/LH is completely useless in PvP for the most part. I can see why... so I was wondering how you all would fix these abilities to make it more useful in PvP? Rather it be for arena or BG's?

I myself obviously know ES would be if you can't dispel it... but also I feel that it could have an AoE effect of of maybe 2-3 people if they stay within certain yards of the target. Of course the AoE outside the target doesn't get hit nearly as hard as the main target you applied to.

With LH, I do agree it is a kind gesture with what they're doing in the next patch, but from what I can tell it's not going to be nearly as effective as Holy Prism. I think it would be a great if maybe it gave a 100% snare for 2-3 seconds letting the damage be more effective since they can't go "LOL I MOVE OVER HERE"

Just curious as to anyone else ideas?
I think to ES i really dont know maybe a slow mechanic added to it...LH id say add maybe silence affect to it for like 2 seconds

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