A positive thread for once... And a question!

Hey guys, started a brewmaster monk that is now 38, 95% leveled through dungeons. I played (casually) 90 Paladin tank, 85 bear druid, 85 prot warrior and 75 DK and I must say....... Damn the monk tank is a lot of fun! Fast pace, mobile, just fun!

Anyways here's my noob question. I picked Chi Burst for lvl 30 (good choice/bad choice, tell me...) but between keeping up Guard, Shuffle, Breath of Fire on AOE packs, I seldom have the resources to use Chi Burst regularly... Is this normal, or what am I doing wrong?

I use Guard whenever it's up and try to keep Shuffle up at all times. Maybe I'm using BoF too much? Granted this is lowbie level 38 tanking, but I like to get into the right habits early...

Come 5.2 It will no longer cost Chi. As far as currently I don't believe its used however I play WW and MW not BM :(
Sounds good I'll check those vids. I'll change that for Guard. Thanks for the info!
Most everything the level 33 alt said is on par. The only thing I have to nitpick is:

Guard in 5-mans can be spammed pretty much on CD without worry so long as you're paying attention. In a raiding environment it is used to soak large physical hits and will not be used on CD.

Spear Hand Strike is our interrupt (do you even have a monk, level 33 alt?). Tiger Palm gives us Power Guard. This increases the effectiveness of our Guard by 15%, should be up pretty much 100% of the time since Tiger Palm is our filler.

Towelie is a horrible reference, once frequenting the EJ thread effectively asking "how does I monk?" His beta videos for the stat priority was also hilarious and wrong. He's an idiot.

There's a sticky at the top of this forum that answers everything you're asking and then some.

3. Use Zen Sphere :) Chi Wave loses its effectiveness against multiple targets. The guaranteed healing pattern from Zen Sphere works a lot better for tanking, especially when you detonate it for a huge heal.
Makes zero sense. CW doesn't lose anything. It's a smart heal that will prioritize its target much like a shamans CH. It bursts very well. Right now ZS costs 2 Chi to cast. 2 to detonate. It is not worth 4 Chi for a pittance of healing. When 5.2 goes live, ZS may be slightly better, but for burst healing (which is what you're going to end up wanting in meaningful content anyway) CW will win out over ZS every time. It's not that ZS is bad, it's just that it doesn't really heal enough to make it shine over CW.

ZS is alright for keeping stagger at bay, but if you want an immediate burst heal, Chi Wave is superior in every way. Strafing to the left/right for Gift of the Ox orb heals is crazy. They scale very well with AP.


Best of luck!
I have to agree with Zeg, Chi Wave has always been my lvl 30 talent. I tried Chi Burst, once, I did not like it at all. But, when I swapped to Chi Wave it felt more fluid; and I could work it into a rotation when I needed it.

At lower levels, feel free to keep guard up on cool down as it won't really matter. But, make sure when you do use guard you throw out that Chi Wave as well; so make sure you have 4 Chi, or Keg Smash is up, when you use Guard.

Leveled from 1-90 as Brewmaster and don't regret a second of it.

Best of luck to ya.
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Don't use Guard on cooldown. Getting in that habbit will kill you. Monk's have very different emergency abilities than the rest of the tanks. Guard should be saved for an "oh no" moment, allowing you to Guard and then get off a big heal for 30% more. And for that reason, you should try and keep your Spear Hand Strike going in between your other rotational abilities. As it strengthens your Guard.

Uh, no. Guard isn't -supposed- to be an emergency ability. I use it regularly... But I still sometimes forget to use Tiger Palm (Not Spear Hand Strike! It's an interrupt and off the GCD!) for the 15% Guard Boost, but that's just me. But generally speaking, when something has a roughly 30 second cd, it's not an emergency button.

Nor is it powerful or cheap enough to be an emergency button. To be effective, emergency buttons have to be comparatively potent (Stronger than a comparably leveled/geared Disc priest's shield, which is used on priority) and it has to be able to be used -whenever-, barring cds. A cost as steep as two chi, which limits you to certain points in the rotation, precludes Guard from being an effective emergency tool.

And Brewmasters apparently favor hitspertise over haste...

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