[H] Transferring to the server....LFM

Bleeding Hollow
Trying to get a feeler out there:

5 Friends and I will be transferring to your server, we want to build a progression guild, we have 4/16H experience.

This will be a starter guild, for everyone to realize, we are willing to front all the gold, pots, chants, etc.

Currently we are seeking the following spots (TENTATIVE)

If you are interested leave a message here or I am logged in every night (OMGzgirl#2390), the transfer date is set for MON of this upcoming week (2/25/13)

We want to build a progression group! We are not interested in carrying you. Please, respond if you have adequate experience, we do not require Heroics (it is ideal) but be competent enough to have completed 16/16.

Tentative dates (these will be flexible until we have an entire group) Tues/Wed/Thurs 7:30-10:00 central.

Again, I would like for everyone to know that we will be new to the server, our main focus for now will be to build a progression group. We are willing to assist with gearing as essentially there is a gear reset with the new patch. However, relying on us to gear you is probably something that will not bode well.

We will have a guild name and information as it is developed over the weekend. Thanks and HF! <3
Bumps, because I love you <3
Only in need of 1 tank. Thanks!
Looks like all the frostmane alliance are coming to BH lol
02/22/2013 11:34 PMPosted by Elias
Looks like all the frostmane alliance are coming to BH lol

I feel worse and worse for this realms natives.
So much for more alliance...
Bump - <3

We are currently only in need of a tank. Everything else is set up on Bleeding Hollow. We are willing to consider most people (meaning if we have to train you we will) The new fights will be a learning curve for all of us - pst me in game if you might be interested. Looking for a tank long term!


Welcome, enjoy.

A little more information on this post. We have officially transferred to the server. We are currently seeking two tanks.

Most of our roster is full at this time, we will know by Friday if we will open any spots. We are willing to take the "right" players and assist them in reaching their optimal levels.

We are looking to raid three nights a week from 7-10:30 cst. Or somewhere in that realm of time.

We will also be filling an RBG team to start in 5.2! Exciting times.

We are looking forward to finding a couple of tanks prior to 5.2 as we would like to begin competitively raiding from the start!

Thanks guys and good luck!

Hey, whisper me in-game if you're still looking for a tank.
02/22/2013 11:46 PMPosted by Robfosho
Looks like all the frostmane alliance are coming to BH lol

I feel worse and worse for this realms natives.

You should be happy that you finally have players without any blues.
we have enough damn horde guilds. stay alliance
I feel magic in the air...
Bump to reflect update:

We have a lot of people who are interested in the tanking spots we have open, we are still taking some applicants to see who fits in (personality and time wise - as this is an important factor to us) We will ask that you speak to two the core members (basically the GMs) and go from there.

We potentially have two openings (we will know for sure by Friday):
Healer - not pally
DPS with OS heals

Post here if you are interested and to reiterate: raid times are looking like T/W/Th 7:30-10:30 cst. This is still a bit flexible and we are willing to discuss times with the right people.

I am usually on every night around 8 server so add my toon and I can give all the details you need.

<3 and thanks for all the responses - both in game and here!!
Updating Post

We have finalized the choice on OT, still actively searching for MT. Thanks again to all that have replied. We will continue to look through all the potentials, please keep inquiring.

We have word that we WILL need:
1 - Healer
1 - DPS with OS heals

We are asking that you are able to breeze through the current content, meaning you will be ready for the new content.

We are getting a lot of "hopefuls" and I hate to be the person to let you down. We will ask that you are ready at least to enter into the new LFR on RELEASE.


Bump to update:

1 plate tank
1 DPS with OS heals
1 Heals

We are trying to finish our team out by Sunday and raiding normally on Tues.

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