-25% Execute nerf.

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if we are OP how come i never seen a warrior top the damage meter? all i see on top are warlock,spriest and mage ??
Because you see bad warriors, probably.

And how does a spriest top anything?
Because you see bad warriors, probably.

And how does a spriest top anything?

If I had to take a guess Warlocks are the easiest to top BG charts. Then Hunters. A Warrior can't really faceroll to top BG charts IMO.
But this is BGs and arena. Not PVE
Sooooo.... I see all the "fury" warriors POV, but what does this change means for arms ? We dont scale as well with gear and not sure if the few buffs we got can upset the 25% execute nerf.
Probably like a 2-5% nerf, depending on the fight?
Do you mean a 2-5% nerf after considering the other buffs ? Would be really weird to have a nerf for an already struggling spec trying to stay out of the last dps spot.
I think that's what the Execute nerf should be, or at least that's what I think Jalopy is saying.
The execute nerf will shave 2-5% off whatever arms was before the execute nerf.

And arms on the PTR is WAAAAAY above what it is on live.
Ok, I see your point now, thank you for the clarification. One more thing, you mention "way above" as in a competitive spec or way above but still trailing the rest of the dps pack ?
I wanna say it's a few percent behind fury, but who knows where sims show the current PTR build. As far as I know, there's no hosted place that shows sims based on the current PTR build.
Ok, thank you. I guess we might have the answer next week.
I'll try and run some numbers for it, there are a lot of specs that haven't been tweaked for 5.2 yet on simcraft, but it'll give a decent idea of where fury/arms are.
Please take the following numbers with a grain of salt. They're only best guesses at the moment. Every warrior change except the 3 minute recklessness has been implemented in these numbers. The 3 minute reck hasn't shown up on the PTR yet, so I'm waiting till that happens before throwing it in. The 25% execute nerf is already hotfixed on PTR, so it is included.


The left side is T14 tier bonuses at 540 ilevel with ptr enabled.
The middle is T15 Tier Bonuses + Legendary Meta at 540 ilevel with ptr enabled.
The right side is T14 Tier Bonuses at 507ish ilevel with ptr enabled.

What's important to note on the left/right side is that no rotation changes are implemented, so that's playing each spec exactly the same way we do today. Arcane is not listed as it crashes simcraft.

The "outliers" (Monk, combat rogue) at the top of the T15 list are most likely simcraft issues, not what the specs are actually doing. At least I hope.

Important notes:
SMF will still be ahead of TG, and the overall balance between the two specs didn't change significantly. Arms will be behind fury, but not as much as it used to be.

Arms has a slight advantage in the T14 sims because it actually has an updated action list, while every other spec does not. I'm not entirely sure why the updated action list is included with arms already, but arms is not actually ahead of fury.
Thanks Collision.
Also to note from Collision's post, that we're finding there's a sweet spot for Arms to balance Haste and Crit, so it's going to have a different gear setup than Fury will.
Oh boy, less people taking my gear.
I want to believe this execute nerf won't hold without some compensation to the front end of our damage, but I thought that about the hit penalty to tg and the 10% damage penalty to tg in the past and they came to fruition.
Isn't it a little, oh, late to be making such a big change. The patch is in like a week.
02/23/2013 06:19 AMPosted by Grymix
Once warriors start picking up new gear they will be about equal with everyone else, possibly even pulling ahead when the top tier warriors get fully decked out, then warriors get to wait to see if they need another nerf for the next patch.

quoted for truth

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