wow causes my sound to cut in and out.

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howdy, when I play wow my macbook's speaker icon will sometimes grey out and my sound will cut out. then it will come back. and repeat. This only happens when i play wow and i have done the stuff that the mac forums have told me to do when its not wow related. so i figured i would ask about it here. does anyone else have this issue? has anyone fixed this issue?
What steps have you done?

Also, can you post your system specs, so we know more about what Mac we are working with?

Obtaining System Information
    1. Hold the 'Option' Key and choose System Profiler/Information from the Apple Menu.

    2. Copy the information from the following sections:
  • Hardware (remove the Serial Number line)
  • Graphics/Displays
  • Software (remove the Computer Name and User Name lines)
What are your sound settings and when does this happen? I used to have stuttering sound because my settings were all on High during raids. Setting them back to Default fixed the problem.

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