[H] 8/16HM 10man Recruiting To 25man Team

<Business Attire> is a Horde progression raiding guild on US Mal'Ganis. As we head in to 5.2 we are looking to expand our roster to a 25 man raid team. Recruitment is open to Ranged or Melee DPS and Healers currently. We are only a few exceptional players short of walking into the Heroic content of a 25 man! Keep in mind if we are not recruiting your class / role, we will still except any exceptional applications regardless of recruitment needs!

Main Raid Times Include:
Thurs. 11:30-2:30 Server
Sun. 10:30-2:30 Server
Mon. 11:30-2:30 Server

If you are interested in applying or learning more about our guild, please visit our webpage at www.businessattireguild.com.
Woooooo 25 mans!
Any pro Ele shamans or Shadow Priests out there?
We don't have any Boomchickens either.
Bring the DPS apps!
Still searching for them dps / heals!
You all know you want to raid with us!
I'd raid with me. Who wouldn't want an amazing Rogue on their team?
http://businessattireguild.com/recruitment/ <----- CHECK OUT OUR RECRUITMENT AREA!
02/27/2013 01:04 AMPosted by Hayturr
I'd raid with me. Who wouldn't want an amazing Rogue on their team?
He plays sub and rollerball!
Subtlety is the only spec.
Remember that one time you played assassination and actually had decent dps?
Where's all these apps we supposed to be getting Abiel! I thought you said these forums weren't a waste of time!
Oh they're there now Ixxion.
oh holy !@#$... so many of them in one sitting. still recruiting! *Ranged DPS* / *HEALS*
Still taking apps for ALL DPS and HEALERS
Hi there,
Got a couple toons and looking for a new raiding guild (just in a random one now).

I'm interested if you want more people in the guild.

**Will be sending in an application via your website soon**
Sounds good!
Freaking awesome first night given the circumstances.
Still RECRUITING DPS / HEALS! 22 manned normals then 3/16 heroic lawls. So MORE APPS come and bring them!
Keep the apps coming!

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