[H] 8/16HM 10man Recruiting To 25man Team

Honey badger don't care. We can 22 man heroics all day!
Currently looking for more Heals apps and a few more ranged DPS apps but will still accept exceptional melee apps as well!
Where are all the exceptional apps I'm waiting on guys?
I'm willing to join, but I haven't raided seriously since BC/WOTLK... I resubbed a few days ago, and would raid as a resto/boom/guardian druid. My gears pretty poop, but I can gear myself very quickly with motivation and a reason (aka, a guild to play with/for). If your interested, let me know and I will apply and start gearing towards what is needed.

Druids name is Slynkjr if you want to ask me any questions in game first.
Hi Lyndsy, if you get geared and ready for 5.2, we'd love to see an app from you!

We still need healers and ranged!
yo i just applied is my gear good enough for throne of thunder

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