Question about haste and crit

I followed what I had seen on different topics that I should stack haste instead of crit up until last night when I tried something different, this helped as I was able to down mile watt with 30 secs on the timer.

I changed out my haste over to crit and all of a sudden with my play style (which is not the best) I am seeing higher dps bursts when I blow my cool downs and mobs going down very fast, were before I would be going to town on a mob with 393k health and after a good 15 seconds thinking gee still another 100k health to knock down. ( Sad Paladin is sad)

All the while before last night I could only see myself hitting average 30k hits which is depressing if you seen what other classes can do. (Not saying I am anywhere near that, just that I have picked up 15-20k just by changing to increase my crit %

Anyhow my question is; Why is haste better than crit?
You're RNGing to better dps.

Haste is better than crit on fights as short as 20 seconds under full cooldowns because it means more ability usage. Crit can give you more dps, if you happen to get extraordinarily lucky because you could end up with 90% crits.
Thank you, I sort of missed that ret haste topic on today before creating this topic but I think I know what you mean by more ability usage with haste.

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