Soloing ICC Gunship

Death Knight
Am I doing this wrong? I get the other ship down to under 20% but my ship just takes too much damage and I lose.

I get in the cannon on the left
Kill the guys in the back
Jump across
Kill Mage
Jump back and get in the cannon on the left.

Rinse and repeat.

Should I be killing the ax throwers?
What about the adds that spawn on my ship?

Maybe I'm just not fast enough yet, lol, I don't know.

Here's a link to my guide on soloing stuff. I realized (I'm so embarassed) that I hadn't updated it with the gunship info. There's some more ICC stuff I need to get in there, too. You'll find the gunship fight on page 1.
So you have to kill the guys that spawn, ok.

And thank you.
LOL, I solo'ed the gunship last night and finally beat it thanks to the guide. It took two tries, but it got finished.

The first run was comical though. I couldn't get out of my jumping across without killing the spawns and would jump back real quick to kill them. I did get the enemy ship down much further though as both my ship and the enemy ship was destroyed at the same exact time. I survived the ship blowing up and the ship flew up to where Suarfang should be and stopped for about 30 seconds but the chest didn't spawn. Then the ship dissapeared and I fell to my death, lol.

The second run took about 4 rounds and all was good. Now I just have to get Saurfang down.

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