Worgen Paladins....

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I'll be the first to admit I'm a lousy Warcraft player. True story. Oh well, there's other things in life than video games.

... well, Paladins were supposed to be immune to the plague, they could very well be immune to the virus/curse/whatever it is that causes continued Worgenism.

Not quite sure how Worgen Curse works completely but i remember nothing mentioning paladins being completely immune to curses or that's just a gameplay mechanic.

Though if a priest and druid who are also immune to disease and curses is susceptible to it can mean paladins getting the curse is feasible just depending on how strong the curse is, and i can say the Worgen one is a damn strong one.
Please no.

The worgen playerbase is the single most retarded playerbase I've ever experienced in an online game. We don't need their idiocy spreading and making generally bad playerbases even worse.
worgens are ugly
So I am attempting to get the Lore answer to this in the General forum. Specifically, I am hoping for a Blue response. Not going to hold my breath, but it is worth a try.

One player made a very valid point about why the Risen have Paladins. The Risen are not in control of their actions. For all we know, the Risen Paladins are in intense pain but can ignore it since they are being controlled by another.
Gilneas had no paladins and they were shut off behind a wall.
Damnit Mr.Crabs.
No, that would not work with Undead seeing as how even being a priest it is described that they actually burn when using holy magic. Undead priests have to have alot of will power to become priests. Forsaken Paladins just won't work, they'll become destro warlocks and run around on fire.
Roxoras, assuming you're responding to the latest post mentioning Forsaken Paladins, do you really think that they were waiting 18 months for a response?

Necro is necro, move along.
Why not gnome paladins to...... Why not panda paladins...... why not... well because or lore.
02/27/2013 04:47 PMPosted by Cerethor

Hell no, there are races that make far less sense for Paladins then Gnomes.

I hate to break this to you but gnomes make less sense as paladins than tauren do. Of course this might seem like an opinion but the reality is, gnomes don't really come to mind when you think of honor and the light, do they?

I would disagree with that. Before the Cataclysm, Gnomes had the same starting area as the Dwarves, and their leader was in Iron Forge. It makes a lot of sense to me that there would be Gnome Paladins, just by way of recruitment by proximity. It's perfectly reasonable to think that some Gnomes may wish to join the order. Considering any class in the game can be an engineer...seems reasonable to me.

EDIT: Taking into account the above, it would take literally zero effort to make Gnomes fit into Paladin Lore. Worgen Paladins, on the other hand, would be very difficult to explain.
Why not goblin paladin ?
I want that haste + rocket jump :(
THis thread is a glorious battle of Lore Knowledge vs "They Have Priests!"
09/03/2014 08:21 AMPosted by Liminara
Why not goblin paladin ?
I want that haste + rocket jump :(
09/03/2014 09:52 AMPosted by Cezar
paladin are immune to the undeath

Then why is there an undead paladin in 4H ?
He probably meant the undead plague.

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