[H] 16/16 Died of Dysentery LF Shad/Holy PRST

<NO SON OF MINE PLAYS OREGON TRAIL LIKE THAT!!!!> was too many characters.


<Died of Dysentery> of Hyjal [H] is recruiting a Shadow Priest with an extremely strong Holy (or Disc) off-spec. We may also consider a Ret/Holy paladin if the right (phenomenal) candidate came along.


We are a guild composed of two groups of friends with deep Heroic raiding experience in every tier of content this game has produced (Vanilla-Cata). We met here on Hyjal and have recruited a few exceptional players to round out our 10man.

We got a very late start in MoP but have progressed rapidly - In 6 short raid nights we have cleared and farmed 16/16 Normal. We will begin work on Heroic MSV this lockout, hoping to complete at least 3/6 Heroic by the time 5.2 drops (fingers crossed!)

Come 5.2, we will be looking to move quickly through Normal modes and into full time Heroic progression. Especially considering our short raiding schedule, this demands a very high level of performance and prep - we have fun, but we do raid seriously, and expect all members to perform extremely well every night.

You will be expected to be vocal, and engaged with all members in generating, fine-tuning, and executing strategies over Mumble, and on our forum.

Current raid times (subject to change depending on member and applicant schedules):

Tuesday & Thursday
6:30 - 10:00/10:30 PST/Server (9:30-1:00/1:30 EST)
Occasional third raid on Sunday/Monday

You provide beastly throughput, a dedicated raider, a positive and progressive attitude, and - most importantly - a pretty cool guy/girl who melts faces and doesn’t afraid of anything. We provide dat feasts and all your performance enhancing drugs.

Lastly... this is a great group of generous, interesting, good people who treat each other well, and want to share their successes with friends. I sincerely hope any new member will be happy here, and motivated to excel by their raid mates.

Except that jerk, Reset.

PST: Lovedrug#1174, any guild member asking for Reset, Spartan, Sinfiny, Madcheddah in game.
They also told me we couldn't name the guild <Ugly Cry>.

Which I still regret.


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