[H] Enigma - 10M - Recruiting DPS for Raiding

Wyrmrest Accord
Interested in progressing through content at a regular rate? Want to play with a competent group of players who want to down bosses but have fun doing it? Can you regularly make Tuesday and Wednesday night raids from 6-9p realm (9-midnight Eastern)? Are you a DPS who may have a penchant for an offspec tanking or healing role (not necessary for application!)? Then check out Enigma!

Enigma is a new guild on Wyrmrest Accord comprised of transplants who wanted to be able to enjoy WoW in a non-PvP realm environment on a server with an active population. The team has raided together since Firelands, some even earlier! This is a group of adults who play WoW to have fun, but are serious about kicking boss butt. We are teachers, parents, and paper-pushers who want to keep their raiding to 2 days a week at 3 hours a night because we do have real life responsibilities outside of WoW (or maybe we have a stable full of alts that we're still leveling)!

The majority of the raid team has cleared 6/6 MSV and 2/6 HoF with our previous raid group and have a strong desire to get back into raiding as soon as we can! But in order for us to do that, we need you!

We are looking for DPS to finish bolstering our ranks; right now we have immediate openings for any of the following classes: warriors (Arms or Fury), hunters (any spec), shaman (enhancement), and mages (any spec).

Previous raiding experience is not required, but is desired. We are more than willing to teach you the nuances of the fights beyond Raid Finder if you're willing to learn and perform to the best of your ability.

With 5.2 looking to launch on March 5, we realize we have some T14 content to clear before we are ready to step into T15. We are planning to start raiding mid-March, beginning in MSV and then working through the raids as progression content for all raid members. Once we are sufficiently geared, we will begin clearing T15 bosses.

Our raiding expectations can be found on our website for review, and can be accessed via this link: http://enigma-wra.enjin.com/raidingfaq

When we aren't raiding, there are always players on running heroics, old dungeons/raids, pet battling, exploring RP, or working on achievements. We are a very social group of people who are always looking to welcome new members into our fold.

If you think that we might be able to satisfy your raiding (or general WoW) desires, please drop an application in on our site (http://enigma-wra.enjin.com/recruitment)!

You can read more about the guild here: http://enigma-wra.enjin.com/home

If you have any questions that can be addressed, please feel free to contact myself, Lofaz, or Morniel in game!
Looks interesting! I'll be in contact shortly :)

Signed, friendly neighborhood Windwalker.
Looks interesting! I'll be in contact shortly :)

Signed, friendly neighborhood Windwalker.

Thanks for running LFR with us tonight! Was great to have you along for the fun!
Updated the original post! Our monk spot is filled!

If you want to jump into raiding in the next week or two, check out our website or reach out to an officer in game!
5.2 is just around the corner, folks. You've no doubt seen the awesome trailer by now. Goosebumps, eh? Doesn't it just make you want to go into that raid?

Well, we're still looking for more members to fill out our raid team! Woo! Come on in if you're looking for an awesome group of people who know how to have a good time!
Word on the street is we're looking for a DPS warrior. One who can hit things or who wants to learn how to hit things. So a bump for the plate DPS.

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