[A] <The Borderland Coalition> LF Raiders!

Wyrmrest Accord
That's right you've read it correctly! <The Borderland Coalition> is taking a tentative step out of Duskwood and into that mysterious and exciting world of raiding.. On a casual level! xD We've got some really talented people looking to see some content and get their hands on a few epics but we're in need of just a few more people!

At the moment the current demand is going to be Ranged DPS, specifically:

- Elemental Shaman OR Shadow Priest

- Hunter (Beast Mastery)

The more experience you have with the current content the better, but if its only Raid Finder you've got under your belt not to worry! Send --> Folcard <-- a whisper if you're interested! :D

As stated above this is going to be a Casual Raiding Team, days/hours have yet to be decided but expect at the -most- six hours a week. This thread shall be updated as we need it/fill positions!

Also keep in mind that TBC is always recruiting talented RPer's to come have a good time with us in Duskwood and beyond!
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