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Death Knight
UH or Frost for 2's/3's/5's next season. All I keep hearing is that UH is more difficult but not too much better then easy frost. Skill-capped focuses on UH. Im leveling a DK now and I'm just trying to decide before the start of the season. So, Whats the bottom line?
Bottom line? Here's the deal:

Frost is the easier and more manageable of the two. It's toolkit is smaller, meaning there's less stuff you 'need' to do, and more stuff you 'can' do. Unfortunately, this also means your options are very limited if a situation requires a certain response.

In essence, Frost is the beginner spec. Your smaller toolkit means you're less likely to be overwhelmed by the amount of options available to you. Frost is also THE glass cannon spec. It can put out great burst and great sustained, but it can't survive for very long.

Unholy is more complex than frost, this is correct. But come 5.2, Unholy will most likely overtake frost by a good margin. Now that Plague Strike will apply Frost Fever as well as Blood Plague, target switching will become much easier. Also, with Gary getting his rp cost removed, Unholy now has a more reliable and immediate source of burst. But what REALLY gives unholy the edge is Necrotic Strike. It has an easier time getting Death Runes with Festering Strike, and because of its 15% strength bonus, NS absorbs more healing than it does for Frost. Unholy also has a stun from their pet that frost does not. They may not have the burst of frost, but between their diseases and their ghoul, they have great sustained damage and pressure.

Sadly, this pet has a drawback. If you leave it alone, it will spam it's Claw attack all day every day. Therefore, you need to bind your pet's abilities to your own, and even then you need to keep track of your Death Coils and Dark Infusion stacks.

TL;DR, Unholy is more complex than Frost, but with 5.2, it will become less difficult than it is currently and outperform frost by a significant margin.
I have been trying both out since I hit 90 and this is by no means a good measure by which to draw conclusion. But I have noticed...

2h Frost:

-more burst available
-Better aoe, and therefor...
-More damage overal, but not by much
-less necrotic strikes
-what little cc and utility the DK can bring frost has less
-less heals via lichborne macro
-losses far more when switching to Blood presence for defense
-slower runspeed


-more sustained damage via dots, perma pet and specials
-more necrotic strikes
-IMO better burst for cooldowns
-better heals via lichborne macro
-I would say kiting is very similar, though I feel like unholy is better at jousting/kiting because of stronger dot damage and dc being the RP attack
-losses less when switching to blood presence
-faster run speed 15% with UH aura, 26% passive if you take deaths advance

Overall Frost to me feels like it just doesn't have much of anything outside of damage to make it special, no extra utility, nothing to make it special besides more damage and burst. Which is sad for me, because I was actually attracted to the frost tree the most ever since wrath launched.

Not that I have no trouble playing unholy, in it's current state is it more complex than frost? IMO not by much, yes there are more macro's, a little more utility but it's not so much more that it's a huge difference. honestly I feel it's a little pretentious of people to act like they are more skilled or that unholy is a smarter spec. It's just a different playstyle.

At the end of the day, your going to either play what you like or what gives your team the best advantage. Thats just the things I have noticed so far, so shrug, idk.
Thanks all. I appreciate the feedback. After playing a feral to 2350 or so I feel like I may be able to pick up UH. We'll see, i'll have to try both. Again, I appreciate it.

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