Tanking blood! !

Death Knight
I Was just wanting to know on scale 1-10 how hard is it to get into a good guild as a tank.
and how hard is it to find pugs as a tank?

I got a 489Ilvl atm and good at tanking just been dps spec on all my toons since WoTLK. and sick of DPS! ! !
Totally depends on your server. Your server will either have a tank deficiency, in which case you'll be in fairly high demand, or a healer deficiency, in which case you're SoL.

From what I've seen, it's pretty difficult to get into pugs as a tank, people usually go with tanks they already know and trust. That said, getting into a good guild as a tank shouldn't be too difficult. Once you're in the guild, run a few dungeons with them to show them what you can do, let them know you're a competent tank, and they'll tend to ask you to raids.
Exactly, it all depends on the server. On mine for example, bloods are a dime a dozen.

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