Zealotry - 2 night 4/12 LF switched on dudes

Oceanic Guild Recruitment

Zealotry on Aman'Thul, we're a semi Hardcore progressive crew looking for some extra special lads to come in and do what they do best. We aren't looking for 20+ hours a week in raids grinding out attempts. We want to stress the quality of each and every attempt. I think everyone can identify with that. We have lives, children, wives, university and school commitments, we can't afford to spend time with lower tier players or players with god complexes/players who cause drama. We are looking for team members to become friends.

Looking for a super cool and fun
  • Death Knight or Paladin Tank.
  • Any class of skilled healer.
  • A Shadow Priest/Boomkin or Hunter

  • Some quick facts.
  • We raid 6 to 8 hours a week. two days a week Wed and Thurs 7 - 10 GMT+10
  • We run a 12 to 13 man roster to ensure we are always raiding, we stress punctuality and commitment. All raiders experience equal participation
  • A hardcore environment. We expect players to: min/max two raiding professions, pot, pre pot, thoerycraft, simcraft, ptr test, discuss group composition and strategy, analyse WoL and know BiS
  • Progression focused Loot Council
  • A 95% attendance requirement
  • We are organised and efficient
  • [li]We set high a high standard of playWeekly RBG's, Challenge Modes on Saturdays
      The 80's are alive and well with social (semi drunk) twink runs on friday nights to unwind!
    Fantastic, non poisonous, team atmosphere

    Our current core roster is compromised of:
    TANK Guardian Tank - Barkybarky
    TANK Prot Warrior - Lida
    TANK ----------- Positition Available
    MDPS Unholy Death Knight - Draconis
    MDPS Combat/Sub Rogue - Coldbane
    RDPS ----------- Positition Available
    RDPS Demonology/Affliction Warlock - Malthadros
    RDPS Frost/Fire Mage's - Clerodas & Adennah
    RDPS Elemental/Enhance Shaman - Warstorms
    HEALER Holy/Disc Priest - Ralse
    HEALER Resto Druid - Imalobster
    HEALER ----------- Positition Availablex2

    If you are looking for a stable raid environment, more responsibility in your WoW life, a challenge and friends to share success with add me and have a chat

    matthew.brdjanovic@gmail.com is my real i.d

    Our website
    Our wow progress
    Our logs
    Our youtube

    So drop us a line. We're not shy.
    Bump for progress!
    Bump. Still looking for kick !@# dps and that healer who knows his $%^-
    I have plenty of experience playing on the super high end, my peak being top 50 world back in cata.
    I'm an active player, I usually run logs and stream via twitch.tv/ktjn while maintaining low ms and high fps.
    Here are my logs: http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/225227/calendar/02-13/
    Sorry they are starting to decay, as I'm not able to actively raid on draenor aside from lfr.
    Feel free to add me if you're interested
    I had a look at your logs in Toes, nice scorch weaving. +300 Rep with warstorms (50 rep bonus)

    Also had a look at your damage taken in HoF which is indicative of smart play and maximum ToT. +500 Rep with warstorms (50 rep bonus)

    Over all the logs are pretty good ^_^

    I'm currently at work, would love to get you on vent to have a quick chat later tonight. There are a few things we would need to go over. Mainly the minor, short term regression you will take to jump into our team. Would also like to delve into further detail about why you're having some troubles on draenor and if they would affect us.

    Presuming all goes well, would be glad to have you over for a trial.
    Also, have a register on the website and have a quick look around if you have some spare time.
    Bump, still looking for both mage/spriest and a druid/monk healer

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